Having A Brighter And A Healthier Smile With Teeth Whitening Sydney

If one thinks that dentistry is all about stopping the tooth ache or repairing a crooked tooth into a flawless one then one need to think again. Toxic teeth are an epitome of poor health. Modern dentistry is particularly related to rid the mouth from toxins. Teeth whitening Sydney undertake peculiar procedures of the teeth whitening and repairs.  They use amalgam fillings and replacing the decayed tooth with gold or porcelain filings for a better overall finishing of teeth.


Dentists at teeth whitening Sydney consider mouth as the microcosm of the entire human body. Instead of using mercury for filing crowns, such practitioners specifically opt for gold, porcelain and plastic filings. The fillings opted by holistic dentists eliminate the potential threats of toxicity. Once the tooth is filed, it is sure to end the matter therein. No further concern relating the same tooth shall arise in future.

Biological dentistry states that infections of the tooth or gums can spread toxins and viruses in the entire body. Such viruses can depress the entire immune system thereby turning the body to fall prey to various harmful diseases. Traditional dentistry only focuses on the symptoms of the tooth problems and their treatments. It does not pay attention over the after effects of treatments.

Teeth comprises of tubules that act as a storage area of germs.  Such germs can infect the blood vessel, nerves and lymph thereby activating severe ailments in any of the body parts. Such germs can even damage kidney, lung, heart, joints and endocrine systems. Hence, simpler dentistry procedures must be practiced by one. The specialized dentists of our clinic specifically work to reduce the stress to the immune system of the body.

Dentists of Teeth whitening Sydney are required to learn more than the conventional dentists. Such dentists are required to take 36 hours of education till two years. Various such dentists study for 125 hours per year in order to keep pace with the developments of aromatherapy, homeopathy and other studies.

Various researches have proved that there is a close connection of gum diseases with diabetes, heart diseases and pregnancy. Each and every holistic dentist understands such a link and treats the problems accordingly. The root canal treatment done by conventional dentists is not supported by our professional team at all. They claim that the bacterium which is not removed can lead to various other complications like heart disease and breast cancer. Chemical named formaldehyde which is used in the procedure is strictly opposed by the dentists.