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In the last few years, checking or ensuring the PNR status was actually a very difficult and complicated task. The people who wanted to check the status of their PNR and to get it confirmed had to wait for many hours and use to stand in the long queues. The hours which people spent waiting for their turn to confirm their status is much more irritating than anyone can ever think of.

Especially, in season like chilling winters or humid and hot summers. Such sort of problems made the enquiring process more inconvenient and hard, especially for the senior citizens or for the aged people. But, the things are not still the same and the situations have changed now. With the help of advanced technology and better access to high tech devices, the  irctc pnr status enquiry is a very easy and simple job.

The credit of this convenience goes with the latest changes and technological advancements in the sector of interaction and communication for the common people to check and ensure their status of PNR from the comforts of their own homes. There are now numerous methods available to check it.

These methods include telephonic ways, access to SMS services and most important of all, is the Internet connection. For receiving direct and reliable information through phones, you just need to dial 139, after getting connected you need to enter your ten digits PNR code and then you are provided with all data related to your reservations. This makes your enquiry stress free.

Now, without much hassle of waiting in very long queues, avail the most recent news of your PNR status via your mobile phones too. For this, type your 10 digits PNR code and send it through SMS services to 9773300000. After this you can easily get the details related to your status on your phone. Another convenient way to receive information about your status via the messaging service is to type and send a text to 139, followed by the syntax.

The both message methods work for the same purpose and deliver similar results. But the main difference in both of the messaging methods is the latter will not be charged by the main operating companies, but the later method SMS charges are there. This is because the first method is offered by Google.

But the charge for availing the message is nothing when compared to the earlier troubles and long hours of waiting. Hence, this technical advancement of Text message service has assisted the common people in many ways. These services are taken as blessings for old aged people, or for individuals who are disabled by birth.

This service will not only assist as a help for the common people but also proffer sophistication and modernization in the crowd. And it will also reduce the number of queues and gathering of crowd on railway stations. Ultimately, this technological improvement in checking the PNR status will certainly contribute in the growth and development of the nation.