Types of Gadgets, Their Uses and Craze

If we compare today’s time with earlier times today’s times are certainly fast while earlier times were very slow.With earlier time i mean 20 to 25 years back.Now the question arises that why is today’s time fast and earlier time slow.The biggest and most importent reason for this are today’s gadgets.


Gadgets are those things that make our life easy like Laptops, Mobiles, Tablets, iPhone computers etc. These things are making our life faster and faster by the day.We can now complete our jobs in lesser time by the help of these gadgets.In this fast running life gadgets are playing a very importent role or we can also say that these gadgets help us run our life smoothly.


What is a mobile? Mobile is a device with which we can talk with anybody anywhere.With the help of mobile we can talk to our near and dear ones without any hinderance and we also need not wait.The only thing we need to do is dial the number and within seconds our communication starts.


Because of laptop our mind has progressed.It has given us easy access to the internet.Internet not only increases our knowledge but also plays a major role in connecting us to the whole world.The speciality of the laptop is that it is wireless ,easy to carry and light weight.Because of the laptop and internet our working capacity has increased manifold.


While listening to the word tablet it seems like a small thing.Tablet is a handy device which can perform major functions of the laptop and yet be kept in your pocket.It uses a faster processor & has a wide price range.The tablet can be used to surf the internet, play games & music & some can also be used as a mobile phone.

GADGET NO.4 iPhone

iPhone sounds like it is any other phone but it is a very special one.You can use the internet freely on the iPhone without any hinderance.iPhone has all the features of a good phone, a very good  8 megapixel camera, excellent sound quality & very fast browsing speed.


These gadgets are being used widely by professionals & bussinessmen these days. They use it for storing all their information, communicating with colleagues & acquiring the requisite knowledge.Because of easy access to data as and when required these gadgets have become a neccessity for all professionals.


These gadgets have become a craze among students and housewives.Laptops are very useful for students as they can write down their notes in it.It is also useful in reaserch as they can garner information through the net.It is also useful for housewives.They can search for their recipes,connect with friends and relatives and also do hobby courses through the net.


It is right that with help of these gadgets we can connect to the world and our jobs also become easy but we have somewhere lost our peace.In this fast paced world gadgets should help us  reduce our worktime so that we can give more time to our family & not get lost in the blitz of these gadgets.