What is a Security CCTV Monitor and How It Helps

In the present day, the crime rate is increasing at a threatening pace. In this situation, it becomes important to exercise caution with respect to your safety and that of your family, friends and property. Advancements in technology have made this possible. The importance of Security monitoring and surveillance is now known to the common man. Surveillance means to survey or keep an eye on a given perimeter or area. And one should definitely use the technology as there can be no compromise with your home security.

cctv monitor

With multiple small companies entering the industry of Surveillance, video cameras are affordable to the common man. To monitor one or more cameras, the requirement is to loop the cameras or connect them to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). The setup is called Closed Circuit Television (CCTV). This enables you to monitor the different sections of your residence or your property in general.

The concept of a CCTV system is simple. Cameras are mounted in different areas, for instance, you would prefer a camera mounted at the entrance of your home, another camera near one of the windows of your room, where you keep your valuables, a camera near the gate of your property, etc. These cameras will capture video of all activity happening in these areas. To monitor all these videos, you need a screen to view these.

A Security CCTV Monitor serves this purpose. There are different channel configurations that enable you to monitor video from different cameras at a time. The DVR (Digital Video Recorder) helps record the videos for a fixed duration, based on its Memory capacity. Through this, you can playback the videos and check for any unexpected activity. The Security CCTV Monitor empowers you with information required to safeguard your family and property. Through this, you can be aware of all activity in your neighborhood to take necessary steps.

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