10 Must Know Massage Therapies And Their Benefits

Everyone must look forward to your regular massage, as it will lead to relaxing and energizing you. It will even relieve the tension in your back. You will realize soon the massage has more benefits than other methods.

Having a regular massage keeps your body at an optimal level and helps in keeping well both physically and emotionally together. Massage has been in practice for thousands of years. There are almost 80 massage therapies with a wide range of movements, pressure, and techniques.

These massages involve pressing, manipulating the muscles and other soft tissues with finger and hands, rubbing. There are times when feet, elbow, and forearms are used.

Here is the list of Massage for you:

There are always different types of massage for different problems. Techniques used in massage therapy range from long, smooth strokes to short strokes. There are many professional experts of massage that use oils and lotions other’s do not. There are some who ask their clients to unclothe for a massage, and some do not. Duration of massage is for 5 minutes to 2 hours.

Well, it is very important to know why you are looking forward to a massage. Are you doing this for relaxation and stress or for certain health problem? Your therapist must know why you are getting a massage. The therapist can even customize your massage after knowing your age, condition, or any goals you have.

  1. Swedish Massage: This is one of the most popular massage styles and it involves soft, long kneading strokes and also light, tapping stokes on the topmost layer of your muscles. This massage therapy helps with relaxing and energizing you and helps you with an injury. Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, and Friction are the basic strokes of massage.
  2. Deep Tissue Massage: This massage style is used to provide relief to certain painful, and trouble spots in your body. Here massage experts use slow strokes that completely focus on muscles, tendons, and other deep tissue in your skin. Deep Tissue Massage is less rhythmic and helps in providing relief to chronic tension and helping with a muscle injury.
  3. Sports Massage: This massage helps the athletes during, after, and before training with a variety of approaches. This improves the muscles systems. This helps in promote flexibility and prevent injuries and also the strains and cramps hitting your body.
  4. Chair Massage: You must have seen many people taking chair massage in the county fair, conferences, malls, and music festivals. You are very lucky enough if your company is offering you 15-20 minutes of chair massage on regular basis. They help in massaging your neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands.
  5. Neuromuscular Therapy Massage: This massage style aims to treat causes of chronic pain involving muscular and nervous system and you can this Massage Therapy in Toronto . This massage therapy figures out trigger points, circulation, postural issues, nerve compression, and biomechanical problems which are caused by movement injuries.
  6. Thai Massage: In this massage style, the therapist uses his or her body to make clients in specific positions. This massage helps in muscle compression, joints mobilization, and acupressure.
  7. Shiatsu Massage: This actually means finger pressure in Japanese and here in the massage style expert uses varied, rhythmic pressure on specific parts of the body, these are actually acupressure points and they are considered important for the better flow of body’s energy. This massage helps in relieving the blockages at these acupressure points.
  8. Hot Stone Massage: In this massage, hot stone (basalt- a form of Volcanic rock) in keeping on the specific body parts. These stones emit heat that helps in soothing and relaxing the body. This is one of the most popular Hot Stone Massage Toronto.
  9. Reflexology: In this style, hand, thumb, and finger are used to relax the specific area of the feet. This massage is known for promoting health and well-being.
  10. Pregnancy Massage: This is the most crucial time for any woman and body goes through many changes. This massage style helps in reducing the stress, arms and legs swelling and relaxing muscles and joints pain. Having a designed pillow, the therapist can make you get a comfortable position. This massage even limits the other medication and medical options.

Know the benefits of massage towards your health:

Massage is not just limited to provide relaxation. But make sure to consult your doctor before getting a massage. Well, massage can help you with:

  1. Reducing back pain
  2. Preventing headache
  3. Better sleep
  4. Osteoarthritis
  5. Cancer
  6. Anxiety

Massage even helps in improving the mood and can help you feel good mentally. Depression can also be treated with the help of massage. Massage also helps in regulating blood pressure levels of the diabetic or non-diabetic person. This will lead to greater mobility and elasticity in your body

This also reduces the toxins inside your body. Massage can lead in flushing out all the lactic acid in muscles and promotes sinus drainage.

Conclusion:  As I mentioned you above that first consult your doctor before going for any massage. The above benefits are must for everybody and everybody now is in searching for these benefits. So, having a massage for any mental and physical issue is the best option. It reduces your latest medication and improves your health without any medicines.