Brilliant Window Treatment Ideas for Close-Together Windows

Windows come in different shapes, sizes, designs and orientations in different buildings including domestic, commercial or industrial ones. One of these unique types, especially in the case of old-built homes or buildings is the Close-Together windows that usually have 2 separate windows built so closely that it almost looks like there is just the one window with a separating beam of wood or other materials in between. However, that is not the case in some old and also rare new buildings where two windows are built on purpose to match some discreet design themes or provide some expected benefits that may not be available with other single frame window implementation.

These close-together windows sometimes also termed as dual windows, propose a much bigger treatment challenge than the regular single type windows because of more reasons than one. Firstly, the sheer size of two windows grouped together becomes a problem and then when you have to treat them both, either you put similar looking blinds on them or one large enough blind idea has to be taken into account. If you live in a house or own a building that has two close together windows, here are some brilliant window treatment ideas for close-together windows that can make them look great while benefitting you will all windows blinds have to offer:

Inside Mounted Blinds

Mounting your blinds inside the window frames for close-together windows is a great idea because they certainly have their own separate frames that can be used separately as well. When you do this, you will get a sleek uniform appearance for both the windows and your wall at the same time that can be backed up with other decorative items all around the interiors. As long as you make sure to take precise inside window frame measurements and get equally fitting blinds for them, you should be good to go. Here are some of the best inside mount options for close together windows:

Best Options for Inside Mounts

  • Metal Venetians – The metal Venetian windows blinds are made from aluminum and are usually some of the most durable and cheap window blinds options available. The horizontal stripes of thin cut aluminum used in these special blinds make your window space appear graceful regardless of the sizes of your windows as long as they have similar lengths and widths.
  • Wooden Blinds – These are much similar to the metal venetians in terms of how the real wood stripes are arranged and yet completely different in their materials, colors and finish options. The shiny wooden patterns found on these special cheap wooden blinds look great and when you have other wooden decorations in your rooms, these can work a charm.
  • Bamboo Blinds – Similar in design of their bamboo stripes to the earlier discussed options, these are made from real bamboo. You pretty much understand where we are going with this inside mounted blinds installation, as long as you have two of the similar and horizontally striped blinds on both your close-together windows, the design should look nice and uniform.

When you get vertical blinds for two close windows, the design just doesn’t look in order and for our brilliant window treatment ideas for close-together windows, horizontal blinds in different formats work great.

One Large Blind Covering It All

In some rare cases, you can have two close-together windows that share the same frame as well, for these occasions, fitting just the one large sized blind is a great idea. Doing this you will create an illusion of having one great sized window and when shut, the large sized blind will also make your room and wall look much bigger and wider than it actually is. As you pull it up from the bottom side, both the windows will be revealed boosting the daylight coming in your rooms. Here are a few great types of one large sized window blinds:

Best Options for Large Blinds

  • Roman Blinds – One of the most practical types of large windows blinds are the fabulous cheap Roman blinds. These are made from thick fabric materials that can be cut in any required sizes and having them in one extra-large size covering all of you window frame will look great.
  • Roller Blinds – Just like the pattern was similar with inside mount blinds, same can be said about the one large sized blind installation. Roller blinds have a single piece of flexible material as well that can cover large window frames while making the whole setting look beautiful at the same time. You can practically pick any design with both of these blinds options.

Top Down or Bottom up – Your Choice

If you want the ultimate versatility for your close-together windows in terms of getting daylight and privacy at the same time, the top down bottom up style windows blinds will suit best. These are most well suited for windows that have two separate vertical windows or even a single long and tall window frame with separate inner frames fitted vertically with one on top of the other. You can have two blinds fitted on the inner sides of both the vertical windows and can open the top one up during the day for maximization of daylight and yet keeping the privacy of your rooms as well. Here are some great options for top down or bottom up style window blinds:

Best Options for Top down Or Bottom Up

  • Cellular Blinds – The perfect cellular blinds are some of the most versatile, functional and contemporary in their design and usage in different kinds of settings. The honeycomb design found in most of these blinds make them very energy efficient and look great at the same time. They will help your windows contribute to a consistent inside temperature and provide you with privacy along with daylight when required as well.
  • Pleated Blinds – Again, these are very energy efficient blinds options and will keep all the inside moderate temperature from letting out and the outside extreme temperatures blocked away. Made from composite well-processed materials these look great as well and folding on their top sides and revealing whichever half of your close-together vertical windows, these are perfect for privacy and daylight maximization at the same time.

When looking for brilliant window treatment ideas for close-together windows, when you have vertically installed windows, the top down or bottom up style windows blinds truly work great.