Interesting Facts About November Gemstone – Topaz

The birthstone of November is Topaz and is often confused with other gemstones due to its shape, size and colour. The blue varieties especially are taken as cheaper quality of aquamarine and Apatite. The neutral toned topaz are confused with Smokey quartz or citrine. However, wide range of Topaz specimens are present which competes with most expensive diamonds and other precious gemstones. Below given are interesting facts about this gem.

  1. Topaz used to be peridot:

As discussed above, Topaz has a long and disputed history because it has been confused with other minerals since a long time.

According to some literature in history it’s said that Topaz comes from an island names Topazos in Red sea. The ancient Romans collected golden stones from the island which they named Topazos. But this was a fake belief. The stones collected weren’t actually Topaz but it was Peridot. Today, the island is called Zabargad which means Peridot.

  1. Topaz isn’t same as Quartz:

For many years before gemologists and geologists could find out the difference between minerals, all golden coloured gemstones were called Topaz. On the basis of appearance, though the minerals were different like golden citrine, smokey quartz and even peridot were considered to be Topaz. With naked eye, it is nearly impossible to differentiate between golden citrine and similarly colored Topaz. But the invention in science helped differentiate Topaz with other gemstones by various tests and using various equipments to observe it. Topaz has a unique beauty and variety of colors which makes it a costly gemstone.

  1. Topaz comes in a rainbow of colors:

There is a general assumption regarding Topaz that it is a lightly colored brown stone and is abundant and inexpensive. There is no other color of Topaz- this is the preconceived notion. Though it is partially true, Topaz also comes in some high quality natural colors like yellow, orange, red, green, blue, pink, and purple which can compete top quality colored sapphire in beauty and even in value.

  1. Imperial Topaz is rare:

The richest and most valuable color of natural Topaz is red. It is very rare and less than 1% of all other shades available in Topaz is red. These stones doesn’t have a pure red tone, but an orangish red tone and are known as Imperial Topaz. The red color is mostly found on top and bottom of the stone. The center usually exhibits an orange body with light pink shades. This stone was first discovered in Brazil and then in Russia.

  1. Topaz is November’s official birthstone:

Topaz is the official birthstone of November, the alternate birthstone is Citrine. If we consider other month’s birthstones, they differ entirely from official birthstone, citrine and topaz are similar that they are often confused.

  1. Blue Topaz is not naturally blue, most of the time:

There are different varieties in blue Topaz like Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz and sky blue Topaz.The occurrence of blue Topaz is natural and is a rare gemstone . The majority of blue Topaz is treated by taking colorless or lightly colored topaz combined with heat and radiation. This stone has a high value but due to over manufacturing, it is found in abundance and this has made the cost of blue topaz go down considerably.

  1. Topaz is Durable:

Topaz is a hard stone, making it a great choice for everyday jewellery. It is resistant to scratching. The edge of the stone is a delicate one and take care that sides of the stone are safe and do not hit the stone along the edges.

So this was all about the November birthstone and some of its facts and information. Topaz is not a regular stone, but a special one as it has many shades and varieties. Even a single colored stone has sub categories which makes this stone a unique one.