Most Popular Custom Cabinets Colors In 2019

Cabinets are one of the mostrequired storage items in any home or office. Whether you store dresses or files, you need cabinets. And that is why custom designs are more preferred, which you may plan as per your needs. If you want to dedicate a portion of the cabinetto storing dresses you may, and then you may dedicate another shelve or portion for storing footwear, and another for strong papers and files etc. In this way a cabinet that is large enough can have several portions.

Even different types of dresses need differently designed shelves, hangers and portions of a cabinet, which is why many users love their cabinet’s custom designed only. And such users would never buy a predesigned cabinet in a modular form, and rather would love things to be prepared their way by a carpenter from the scratch. If you are one of them, you must be surfing through lots of cabinet designs that can be planned your way.

Selecting the right color for your cabinet

Just like selecting the design is important, selecting the right color for the cabinet is also important. It must match with your room and interior design of the room. It must go with the theme of the house. It must look good overall, and also give your visitors a taste of your choice. Compliance with other furniture in the house is also a necessity. That’s is why for making better choices here are suggested the most popular custom cabinets colors in 2019.


White is difficult to maintain, but it’s an all-time favorite for some strongreasons. Even in 2019, you cannot deny the power and effect of white. An all over while, or white inmost parts cabinet is going to bring on the following effects:

  • A lighter brighter mood
  • Peaceful calming effect of the color would work on the mood
  • Reflection of light would be high due to the color.
  • The space would look roomy and larger due to more ambient light– good for a small kitchen or room

The downsides of white is maintenance. After some time you may not feel that great with it and may considercoloring some parts or the borders.You may try light gray as an alternative to white.


Yellow is bright and the perfect mood setter. You can always design a yellow custom cabinet, and set the mood of the room to be fun filled, cheery and mirthful. Yellow works great in children’s rooms. You can combine dark colors like brown and black with yellow, and even lighter color like white and gray.


Tealworks great in creating a cool rustic look. If you love this kind of theme, you can get a teal colored cabinet in matte texture. This can look great in a room that is painted in light colors like white, cream or grey.


Brown is always a great color, and the natural color of wood too. Hence you may plan a custom cabinet in any shade of brown. Light brown, medium brown, and dark shades like walnut, all work and have their own charm.