Tips on how you will be Improving the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioners

Many of us will find ways to stay cool effectively and affordable when the heat of the summer approaches. The comfort which you will need and increase your air conditioner’s energy efficiency can be taken with the right combination of products and technology.

Some products will cost less than what you might think and some products can help you in saving money too.

Read on if you are wondering how to cool down a room without spending much money on home improvement…

According to the Department of Energy reports, heating and cooling bills can make up over half of your total utility expenses.

For a typical Sydney home, this makes using central air conditioning part of the largest energy expense.

We have gathered together a list of easy, no-cost ways to improve ducted air conditioning Sydney efficiency in your home to help you get the most from your system while controlling your expenses with warmer weather which is just around the corner.

By being proactive with air conditioning maintenance you can now learn how to save you money and energy in both the short and the long-term. As the weather gets warmer and homeowners will begin turning on their units, with these tips can help keep air conditioning system healthy.

  1. Cleaning around the exterior of the condenser unit: If the unit is clean and is clear of debris, your outdoor unit will work in the most efficient way. Through a professional, a more thorough in-depth cleaning should be performed.


  1. Keeping the vents unblocked and vacuuming the indoor vents: From the indoor supply vents to help in maintaining a steady airflow from your system, you can vacuum dust and debris away. Blinds, furniture, and tips need to be kept away from blocking the vents.


  1. Increasing your thermostat: You can increase the thermostat by a few degrees. It can help in saving a lot of money and energy by adjusting the temperature 5-8 degrees down in the winters and in the summers. You can automatically adjust the temperature for different times of the day or during times when you are going to be away from home for several hours with a programmable thermostat.


  1. Leaving the lamps and other heat-generating appliances away from thermostat: The air in your home needs to be cooled which would make the system efficient enough to last longer and work harder than it may need to have the heat producing appliances near your thermostat.


  1. Keeping the blinds and the curtains closed: In the heat of the day, the blinds and the curtains need to be shut off. Keeping your curtains or blinds closed can keep some of the heat from warming the inside of your home when direct sun hits the windows in your home.


  1. Cleaning the drain line: Typically being mounted above the furnace in the basement as there is a drain by the indoor cooling coil. Rinse it with a gallon of water which you can keep your drain clear through the summer if you flush one cup of chlorine bleach down your air conditioning drain. You can keep your drain clear through the summer if you flush one cup of chlorine bleach down your air conditioning drain and rinse it with a gallon of water.


  1. Avoiding using dryer and oven: In the hottest hour of the day, you would have to avoid using dryer and oven. Using your oven and adding additional warm air to your home causing your air conditioner to have to work harder as by running your dryer It will cause warm air which needs to be drawn into your home.


  1. Insulating any exposed ductwork. So that it does not leak any of your conditioned air, you will have to make sure that the ductwork which runs through the unconditioned space is properly sealed. You need to be sure that a professional also checks the ductwork during your next scheduled maintenance visit you can fix visual leaks with a specialized duct-sealing tape which is UL 181-rated. Using the proper thickness duct insulating material, it is also recommended that your ductwork will be insulated.

To maintain the investment you have made in your central air conditioning system you do not always have to spend a lot of money.

When you need it most this summer, understanding the different parts of your HVAC system and keeping it running efficiently will keep your system in top working condition.

To make sure that the equipment, connection, and ductwork are all ready to go when the warm weather begins to be sure to have your system checked by a professional at least once per year.

For an aircon unit to be perfectly fit, it should be of quality products, fit, finish and workmanship. For this, you should make sure of hiring a reputable company who is licensed, bonded and insured.