5 Benefits of Smaller Class Sizes- SelaQui International School

Gone are the days when the classes were filled to the brim with students under the guidance of just one teacher. Today, schools work towards a more student-centric approach of teaching and aim at forming an impressive society of knowledgeable adults. Schools with small class sizes are now more desirable than the ones with large numbers.

Let’s see why schools are shifting towards a small class size:

  • One-on-One Attention from the Teacher: With smaller class sizes, teachers get to know each student better as an individual and can work more effectively on his/her growth. This way, they are able to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses in an efficient manner.
  • Better Interaction Among Students: With so many students in a class, it became impossible for students to have a great rapport with everyone. Therefore, there were several groups in a class rather than a class as a whole. With a lesser number of students, each one develops deep and lasting relationships with others around them.
  • Tailor-Made Instructions: Teachers can easily evaluate and mould their teaching pattern according to the majority of students’ understanding. They can tailor-made instructions to bridge the gap between the most studious and least studious student in the class. This way, they effectively improve the overall performance of the class and students.
  • Less Disruption: More pupil makes more noise. In large classrooms, there are more chances for personality conflicts. Maintaining discipline takes most of the time of the teacher than actual instructions. Therefore, a class with fewer students have better discipline and productivity.
  • Better Communication Amongst the Teacher & Student: In a class with a large number of students, there are many students who never come in the forefront. This can be due to lack of time or lack of courage in students. All these factors can be effectively worked upon in classes with a small number of students. It will also encourage and improve communication between teachers and students.

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