5 Facts Revealed About Switzerland Vacations

Switzerland is one of the best mountainous destinations that we have all dreamed about. This little, tough European nation, known for its compelling chocolate and amazing excellence, has so many things to offer.

Here are few fun, facts about Switzerland that you’ll discover which will makes Switzerland more fascinating than you ever thought. It may inspire you to fulfill a lifelong dream and plan a holiday trip to Switzerland. Opt for switzerland holiday packages from Dubai for better deals.

You’ll be transacting in Swiss Franc, not Euro

Switzerland isn’t part of the European Union, which means the country is not obliged to trade in Euro. The Swiss do business with the Swiss Franc (indicated as CHF), but visitors will find that many prices are also indicated in Euro so they can compare prices. Certain shops and merchants may acknowledge Euro, but they are not obliged to do so by law, and visitors can expect to receive Swiss Francs in change. You can change money at any airport, Western Union railway station, Swiss bank, and major hotels.

There are 4 national languages

The Swiss have four national languages and a great variety of regional dialects, and most citizens are at least bilingual. The four fundamental languages are Swiss German (very different from actual German, with a vaguely French quality on the ear), French, Italian and Romansch.

Happy cows + alpine pastures = exceptional dairy

The Swiss are world-renowned for their exceptional milk, chocolate and cheese for a reason. Switzerland’s dairy industry owes a great deal of its success to alpine pastures – the frequent rain and mild sunlight, as well as the diversity of plants means that Swiss milk has traditionally been richer and more flavorful than milk from flatter farming areas. When you visit Switzerland, make a point of sampling their incredible dairy products and to buy some (tax-free!) to take back home.

Fun Fact! You can buy fresh, unhomogenised milk from vending machines in some Swiss metropoles thanks to Stadtmilch, a crowd-funded project that was inspired by a young entrepreneur’s nostalgia for the days when milk was still delivered to your door.

The tap water is often better quality than bottled water

Feel free to drink as much tap water as you want when you visit Switzerland. Around 80% of Swiss drinking water comes straight from natural springs and groundwater, the rest from its alpine lakes. Due to strict water quality preservation initiatives, the quality of Swiss tap water is often measured as purer than that of bottled mineral water sold in the country. You can also opt for swtizerland and paris package from Dubai for best services.

Switzerland is actually pretty small

In terms of both geography and population, Switzerland is relatively small. At 41,285 km is just as big as the greater Shanghai region in China or the states of Vermont and great New Hampshire combined. It’s whole population, at 8.1 million, is the same as that of New York City, and the country’s biggest cities are Bern, Zurich, Geneva and Basel.

These are just a few wonderful things you’ll discover about Switzerland before visiting. You can go for Switzerland and Paris package from Dubai.