5 Great Tourist Locations For The Australians This Spring

The world is a beautiful place and there are many worthy places scattered all around it that can provide that Zen and inner peace to anyone looking for it. Spring is here already and with spreading green and organic life across the world, time could not be better to visit some of these outstanding beautiful places. Australians have that tourism vein in them and are always looking to visit new places around the world and explore new cities enjoying life at its best as we know it.

Keeping in mind Australia already has all four weather seasons and are not new to hot humid conditions, visiting places just because of warmer climate like someone from the UK or Canada for example is just not on their plates. Australians want to see new places, explore new cities and enjoy their time while they are away. Here are some of the dreamy great tourist locations for the Australians this spring:

1: Beautifully Historic Seville, Spain

There are bigger and cities in Spain but if you want to really enjoy what the country has to offer in the most authentic Spanish way, Seville is truly a great destination. The city transformed itself from a busy traffic-congested metropolis to a calm historical marvel over the past decade or so and now offers many of the reinvigorated historic beauty with medieval European architecture and artistic masterpieces from famous artists’ right throughout history.

The city is particularly cheap when it comes to accommodation and the food is delicious getting the attention of people from all over the world. 2018 is a big year for the city as well with Fantasy Drama TV hits like the Game of Thrones being part of the 31st annual European Film Awards hosted in it. The suburbs and surroundings of the city are particularly pleasing in terms of natural landscapes and preserve natural beauty fulfilling many people’s requirements in the most efficient way possible. When looking for great tourist locations for the Australians this spring, Seville presents a great option indeed.

2: Full of Mysteries and Surprises, the Black Forest, Germany

Located in Southwestern corner of Germany, the beautiful Black Forest with dense forest hills extends 160 kilometers from Pforzheim in the North to Waldshut on High Rhine to the South. If you love hiking and on the move activities, you will love the forest as it slopes gently into the upper Neckar and Danube valleys to its Eastern side and descends down more harshly to the Rhine crossed by lush green valleys to the Western side.

Germany’s oldest Ski area, Todtnau, the beautiful and calm spa facilities of Baden-Baden and the much attention grabbing Bad Liebenzell resort are some of the most popular spots and the Black Forest Railway created on Triberg with the ever so famous falls and Triber itself are home to the Black Forest Open Air Museum. All this and much more in the region never fails to amaze tourists with the beauty they have to offer.

3: Artistic and Cultural Kaohsiung, Taiwan

If you are into art of many different kinds, Kaohsiung, Taiwan is like a divine city for you. The massive arts center and 100.000 sq m cultural and music complex finished with wave-lapped walkways and the famous Asian night market are Kaohsiung’s balmy harbourfront’s main attractions. The breathtaking cruise terminal adds charms to the artistic beauty of the city.

Linked by an elegant light-rail system, the different monuments and many other special places present the Taiwanese style of beauty to the world. The 88m “Eye of the Mountain” skywalk presents hikers the view of the Taiwan Strait and reminds them of the fact that water is ever so present. Still relatively unknown to most of the world, the city is just at the right time to be visited.

4: Beautiful Secret City of Antwerp, Belgium

Although the secret part is metamorphic, yet to this day, the city is somewhat of a well-kept secret, though opening up in the present times to the world much more. Once labeled as Northern Europe’s greatest city, Antwerp has great historic riches and world-class arts including architecture and design of varied natures.

This year, the city will showcase its architectural beauty to the world hosting many modern talents, parades, street art, multimedia shows, concerts and workshops. The great pop-up bars, farm-to-fork joints and the famous architectural showstoppers in the city highlight the most admired creativity of the local people.

5: Cozy and Beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico

The place where the old meets the new and the colonial past meshes richly with modern unban culture is San Juan. Puerto Rico’s most beautiful city (arguably of course), the old San Juan is a walled enclave with beautiful cobblestoned roads, historic churches and forts and leafy plazas, all meshed together with pristine beauty. Beyond the walls, much more modern San Juan has a whole host of murals, galleries and cadre of museums completing a unique dynamic art not seen anywhere else in the world. The city is filled with electric night life and even after the biggest Hurricane, Maria to impact the island in 89 years, the city has rebuilt many of its beautiful charms.

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