6 Ways to Diagnose a Chest Freezer Which Doesn’t Cool as It Should

Whether it is a commercial or residential fridge both serves the same purpose of providing consistent and efficient cooling for the valuable inventory. However, not any technological device seems to be sustainable enough to last for elongated years of usage, where breakdowns and leakages are prevalent at some point in time. Some of these problems can be fixed without professional help while some complex knot tied situations would require owners to hire certified technicians to repair fridges. For instance, clogged drain piper, leaking refrigerants are some of the common issues concerning fridges. There are some ways that owners can troubleshoot a chest freezer that doesn’t cool at its full potential.

  1. Clean Condenser Coils

One of the biggest causes of refrigerator breakdowns is due to dirty condenser coils, requiring immediate attention. The condenser unit has the hardest task across any component to convert the hot compressed refrigerant gas into a liquefied state. In addition to transferring the heat into an ambient environment. A dirty condenser will cause the fridge to utilize more power as a result would increase utility bills and cause wear and tear of other electrical components respectively. A dirty condenser coil doesn’t allow the fridge to dissipate heat effectively, mitigating cooling capacity significantly. These coils need to be serviced every six months by affordable commercial refrigeration installation services to increase equipment lifespan and also provide efficient cooling

  1. Defective Thermostat

Freezer thermostat is an essential component for regulating and controlling the temperature of a fridge at consistent levels. The thermostat directs electric voltage to the evaporator fan and condenser motor. So a broken thermostat will not be able to transfer enough power for it to provide the required cooling potential. Owners can diagnose this issue by rotating the thermostat to its lowest setting and bringing it back to its highest level and hearing for a click. If a click is heard depicts the thermostat isn’t faulty. If it turns out to be faulty as a result would require replacing the part.

  1. Condenser Fan Fault

Condenser fans are used across all freezers that hold the responsibility to maintain sufficient airflow through the condenser coils. The condenser fan powers on every time the compressor starts to run its cycle. There can be times when the condenser fan isn’t functioning properly hence, not throwing enough cooling capacity. This can be due to obstructing fan blades that would require some oil penetration to allow blades to propel freely. Owners need to ensure the blades rotate freely to allow for proper and sufficient airflow. Alarming situations might sometimes appear in the middle of the night, requiring a 24 hour commercial refrigeration repair near me to diagnose and identify errors that might arise due to condenser fans, requiring an immediate and effective service technician.

  1. Control & Display Board

Technological advancements have led to the commencement of smart fridges making the user aware of its health progress. There can be times when fridges could deliver statistics misguiding owners by unrealistic statistics and other issues ensuring there might be some problem in its control and display board. The control and display board allows owners to make temperature settings, shifting between different modes and other functionalities accordingly. Users can double-check other components before influencing their decisions to replace it entirely.

  1. Compressor

The compressor is what pushes the refrigerant through the evaporator and condenser coils. A compressor not working won’t allow the discharge of refrigerants that are imperative for a fridge to supply cooling facilities to food equipment. Before deciding to replace the entire refrigerator hiring professional and qualified technicians is important to assess the situation, saving owners a huge amount of budgeting expenses. However, users can use a multi-meter to test the continuity of refrigerant discharge between the electrical pins on the side of the compressor. If the compressor turns out to be defective users need to have it replace consequently.

  1. Leakage Outside the Fridge 

It can be quite unpleasing for business entrepreneurs to see big puddles of water outside their fridge causing a great deal of panic to those who entirely depend on refrigerators working at optimal conditions. A refrigerator leak could constitute the involvement of multiple factors such as clogged drainage pipes, water trays not emptied, or low refrigerant levels. It becomes crucial for their firms to hire technicians to offer cost-effective fixes before the severity of the situation worsens. Some additional issues such as over frosting on food items can not only worsen food quality but disrupt the entire cooling system.

Concluding, the issues highlighted above are some of the common issues related to diagnosing refrigerators. Many professional organizations adopt preventive maintenance measures to ensure that problems get resolved before situations aggravate that will bring a huge impact on the overall reputation of a firm. A trained and highly skilled technician would ensure to provide a high-quality service that lasts for longer periods without being too heavy on the user’s pockets.