An Overview About Prostate Cancer Treatment In India

World wide prostate cancer ceases to be the most common type of cancer in case of men. In some countries like New Zealand or Australia the numbers are high whereas in Africa the number does appear to be on the lower side. With the help of prostate cancer you can detect the cancer that would otherwise would not have been diagnosed in the first place. You can say that this is a form of cancer that develops in the prostate gland of the male reproductive system. The worst part about this form of cancer is that you do not come across any symptoms or signs. In a way there is no form of therapy and this would result in a death for a lot of cases. Men who are above the age of 50 years are likely to become victims of this cancer.

If you carefully explore the causes let us observe them in details

  • Age- in case of men under the age of 50 years it is on the rarer side. Most of the cases men who are above the age of 50 years tend to suffer from it.
  • Family history- if you have a family history of this cancer running in your family then the risk does increase by 3 to 4 times in comparison to a normal person.
  • Race- it would be more common in case of African or American race of men
  • Vasectomy- In case of men who have been prone to vasectomy the risk does increase considerably.
  • Sexual factors- it has been found out that if you do opt for multiple sex partners or if you have started having sex at an early age then the chances of prostate cancer does increase all the more.

The recovery phase of the surgery

  • The catheter is going to cling on its place, till the surgeon is of the opinion that it needs to be removed typically after the surgery
  • After the procedure is over patients can return back to their normal activities 24 hours after the surgery. In most cases the recovery phase is faster and it hardly goes on to take a week
  • If you go on to prevent any infection and this is in relation to the incision. This would go on to reduce the scars. It does point to the fact that you will have lesser chances of complications once the surgery would be over.
  • Once the surgery is over it is observed that incontinence does arise and after the first week of the surgery it would be better if you have a catheter installed in place.
  • Once the surgery is over the chances of impotence does go on to increase to a considerable extent. This would be all the more once the time for a surgery is over

Prostate cancer treatment in India works out to be a cost effective idea. This would mean that the quality of treatment is at par with the developed powers of the world as well.