Benefits of using sites which provide information related to new apps

The number of mobile users is increasing day by day as people are preferring mobile phone more over a desktop or laptop. Mobile phones are handy and easy to carry, but what make mobile phones more popular is applications and software. There are so many apps available for both android and windows users which they can simply download from play store. But, in today’s date choosing any one app over other is little hectic and difficult as store is flooded with multiple apps belonging to same category.

Different sites are available over internet which you can prefer to visit like TecnoSLF. These sites offer information about variety of apps no matter whether they are newly arrived or old.

Not only this, you can even download تطبيقات اندرويد apk with great ease and less difficulty. Thus, it will help you in saving time and data both.

Some best android apps of 2018 are listed below for you –

Pocket casts – People who are using podcasts probably enjoy number of benefits. This good looking and stable app allows user to stream or download various podcasts for enjoyment and fun. This app features both video and audio podcast so that you can catch anything of your like.

GBoard – It is a keyboard android app and full with so many features. It also includes Google search and this means whatever or whenever you want anything you will get it quickly. You can even have address without closing chat window. Not only this, if you want to drop gif then simply send gif through google. This app even includes keyboard themes and voice typing feature.

Avast antivirus and security – This is an easy, powerful and effective antivirus app which you can believe and trust on.Its version is best and highly recommended. Avast antivirus and security app is best for such persons who are looking for comprehensive cover with bucket full of features, including remote data recovery and geofencing. Not only this, it is also good for such people who are just looking for some basic protection and thus, Avast antivirus and security is one stop destination of your needs.

Space nation navigator – This app is quite helpful, but at the same time is tough case as well. Space nation navigator is partly gaming and partly informative app. This app includes various exercises and quizzes and even offers some additional stiff like physical exercise and yoga. This app even includes achievements, social events, mobile games and many similar elements. Overall, it is quite a unique experience.

Unified remote – This is best and easy to use go to apps which can be used for controlling PC from android device. Unified remote app uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to control PC remotely. This app comes with pre-loaded support and offer 90 and more popular programs. It also supports mac, Linux and windows and also requires server to get installed.

Among the long list of apps there are so many which you can prefer to download. But, if you are looking for some really helpful app then above mentioned are few best apps of 2018 which you must have in your smartphone.