Best Equipment For Professional Repair Of Transmission Torque Converter

The number of cars seems to have increased on road as it is comfortable and convenient in driving. Although, different type of cars are available in market but around three quarter of passengers use such cars which have automatic transmission and almost all have torque converter which is well build. A torque converter balancer is basically hydraulic device which is helpful in smooth transmission of an engine power driven by momentum to fluid held in sealed container which turn a driving rotor.

Overall, it helps in increasing and transferring torque which is quite essential component of automatic transmission in motor vehicle. In fact, when car accelerates out of speed it helps in providing torque and even sometimes it is used for transferring power from engine flywheel to transmission.

It is mostly located between the transmission and engine flex plate. The equivalent location will be in mechanical clutch. The key feature of torque converter is, ability of multiplying torque when output rotational speed is quite low such that it allow fluid coming out of curved vanes of turbine which has to be deflected off stator when it is locked against one-way clutch, thus as a result it provide equivalent of reduction gear. This is one of the main feature beyond simple fluid coupling, which help in matching rotational speed but it doesn’t multiply torque that reduces power.

Common forms of torque converter

Torque converter is available in two different forms namely hydraulic systems and mechanical systems. Many companies are there which deal in both type of torque converter and KINERGO is one of them. This company deal in best torque converters and even offer genuine spare parts which will ease work and even help companies in building their own torque. In fact, you can even visit their site for more information related to their product, pricing and all that.

Hydraulic system: Hydrokinetic device is the most common type of hydraulic system for automobile transmission. In fact, hydrostatic system is also available which is meant for small machines like compact excavators.

Mechanical system: This system can multiply torque effortlessly and provide continuous variable transmission. They even have pendulum based converter, variomatic with expandable pulleys, belt drive and gearing disk drive.

Benefits of torque converter

Torque converter is used for number of purposes such as for automobile transmission, heavy duty vehicles, forwarders, marine propulsion system, and industrial power transmission like drilling rigs, conveyor drives, railway locomotive, construction equipment and winches. Along with number of uses, a torque converter can provide many benefits some of them are as follows:

  • It hold numerous transmission fluid quarts which help in decreasing overheating transmission by providing cool fluid whenever it is required.
  • It can slip without any damage or anything else. In fact, it has tendency of burning clutches if it allows much slip.
  • They act as sort of inertial flywheel because of their heavy weight. Flywheel effect means vehicle that have torque converter perform smoother operations and stealthier idle as compare to clutch cars.