Comparing Premier League football ticket prices to Serie A

If one thing is for certain, the style of football played by teams in the English Premier League and Italian Serie A could not really be more different – it’s been like this since both the top-flights in England and Italy were formed decades ago.

The slow-paced nature of the game merged with the tactical outlook in Italy proves to be very popular amongst the keen analyst supporters, whereas the action-packed style along with the star power in the English top-flight makes football supporters in the United Kingdom strongly believe the Premier League is the world’s best.

Fans see it as a more attractive league to watch because of the way the title is contested between six of England’s top teams every season – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur – with Man City storming lifting the renowned trophy with ease last term.

Although the Serie A boasts players like Leonardo Bonucci, Ivan Perisic, Paulo Dybala and now, of course, five-time Balon D’Or winner Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus seem to run away with the title every single year and have won the last seven.

That’s just how the football in the leagues compares though – the Premier League is far superior – but how do the prices of Premier League football tickets and Serie A football tickets compare ahead of the 2018-19 campaign?

The dearest season ticket in the Premier League belongs to, of course, a London club. Arsenal charge up to £1768.50 for supporters to get their football ticket in the same seat for the whole season, closely followed by the £1700 it costs up to in order to bag a season ticket at their rivals Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium.

That’s not even close to the £3326 AC Milan’s seasonal football tickets cost to watch the team at the iconic San Siro, even though Inter Milan play at the same stadium but their most expensive is £1800.

Juventus’ most expensive season ticket isn’t even in the top 10 dearest in Serie A (£998), however, have the second priciest season ticket behind Inter Milan (£332), costing supporters £291.

There’s no doubting the average cost of the most expensive season tickets in Italy’s top-flight is a lot higher than in the Premier League, in fact, it’s almost double at £1654.78 compared to the average of £865.42 in England’s first division.

Single Arsenal football tickets are also the most expensive in the Premier League, going up to £95.50, whilst Inter Milan charge up to £170 for single match tickets to watch them – they are one of eight Serie A clubs whose football tickets range from the cheapest to above £100.

The average for dearest single football tickets is also higher in Serie A, standing at £93.20 in comparison to the £57.95 in the Premier League.

Let’s get onto the bit most supporters are interested in. Other than Huddersfield Town’s brilliant £100 season ticket offer, the £289 season ticket at West Ham United’s London Stadium is the cheapest offered in the Premier League.

The £92 season ticket at Siena and £96 at Udinese lead the way for cheap season tickets in the Serie A, while Juventus’ cheapest comes in at a very affordable £291.

Excluding Liverpool’s £9 single match ticket offer for a limited number of fans living in the L postcode, Tottenham Hotspur’s £20 tickets are the cheapest in the Premier League, closely followed by a cluster of clubs that charge £25 per match including Stoke City and West Bromwich Albion.

Serie A definitely offers cheaper single football tickets online with Udinese, Parma, Cagliari and Palermo all charging less than £10 for their least expensive tickets and the average cost of the cheapest in Serie is just £14.15, opposed to the Premier League’s £28.30.

If you take the excitement of the Premier League as well as the superiority of names into consideration, it’s certainly better value for money than the Serie A but if you’re looking for something to do in Italy, it wouldn’t break the bank to purchase a football ticket for the day.