Cost of building a detached garage in Calgary

Simply put, a detached garage can cost from $6000 for a simple single-car garage to $150,000 for a custom multi-car garage.

But the question is, what will it cost you to build a detached garage? Well, the answer is not as simple as the cost of getting a car because an incredible number of factors are involved when getting a detached garage built.

Thousands of detached garages are fully or partially prefabricated, offering the best value for your money. If you’re considering a detached garage, compare the different garage packages on prefab garages before deciding.

By putting your thoughts into what you need for your detached garage, you can estimate the total cost of building a detached garage. Also, keep in mind that you don’t just need to consider the cost of the garage but its foundation too. Hence, keeping all the variables in mind before concluding the price is essential. You can check out for more posts on internet and research well in order to make a good and final decision. There are many and many guest posts on internet that will help you in making a wise decision.

Pros and cons of a detached garage

Weigh down the benefits and pitfalls of detached garages:


  • With a detached garage, you get the freedom to customize your garage design according to your property’s layout. While an attached garage should match your home, a detached garage can have its design.
  • You can place your detached garage where property lines, driveways, and topography make it simpler while an attached garage is attached.
  • It is simpler to add a loft in a detached garage.


  • Sometimes the cost of a detached garage is higher than an attached garage.

All in all, the additional flexibility of a detached garage is more than attached garage. However, it is essential to compare the price of an attached and detached garage.

Detached garage cost depending on size

Single-car detached garage

The smallest size of a detached garage for one car is 10 x 16’. But it only has one car with limited maneuverability. A width of 14’ or 16’ is essential to offer space for opening doors.

The total cost of a single-car garage of 12 x 24 ranges from $8000 standard garage package to $25000.

Two-car detached garage

20 x 24 is the minimum size for a two-car garage. It adds flexibility but increasing the width to 28’ adds more side space.

The cost of a 24 x 24 two-car garage ranges from $20,000 for a standard garage to $50,000.

Three-car detached garage

A good rule of thumb is to increase the width by 12’ and length by 20’ for every new car. There are several configurations available, so you can go for the one that best matches your space.

A 20 x 36 three-car garage price ranges from $25000 to $85000.

Two-story detached garage

If there is a space problem and you have more cars to store or need a recreational room, you can add a floor to your garage to increase your options without affecting the footprint of your garage. The lowest possible cost of a 12 x 20 two-story, one-car garage is approx.—$ 18000.