Create Your Own Perfect Setlist Online

The setlist maker enables you to generate your own unique set of options to select or customize songs and then adding to your playlist. By this you can match and mix the song according to your own preference. This will help you to set your perfect party.

How Does Setlist Maker Work?

It can be used by anyone who loves to enjoy music this tool enables you to make things easier so that you can select your best song and play them in an order you want. It also helps you to keep only that music in your computer which you like and help you in getting rid of excess baggage. Some of the best things about a setlist creator is that it not only lets you add your favourite music but also provides you with options to add some music to your exiting track.

Setlist maker or creator helps you to edit songs and insert custom music to give your music a new dimension. It also provides you to mix your music but this feature is provided by only some of the setlist maker. There are some makers which provide you option to play according to your current mood. they have the online AI support which lets it decide which songs to play according just you have to choose your mood from the given option. There are options which can help you insert lyrics into your song. It also provides you all the options which a custom audio player of computer has in it to play music to its best.

How it is beneficial for you?

  • Digital songbook: you can call it digital sound book as it can store all the lyrics and chord charts in it. You can use multiple recording for your songs that helps you keep things in prospective. It comes with options to adjust the pitch of the voice to give your ears a difference it wants. The screen display of the setlist maker is easy and informative as it displays relevant information about the track.
  • Command centre on stage: the setlist maker displays you the lyrics with just simple auto scrolling for the custom automated tracks. It provides you option of play back through multiple audio out ports. You can also adjust the lightning of the room if connected through it to give you the best feel of the party.
  • Import Data: you can import setlist created playlist to other devices which enables you to play the songs on other computers. Even these days most of the mobile devices also have set list. You can also email setlist without the tracks either in PDF or HTML format.

Online Setlist Maker

The online setlist maker is a web app which runs on cloud it provides you option to upload songs and then edit it online. The best feature of using Online Setlist maker is that you save yourself from the hassle of installing setlist maker in your own system or devices.