Everything About Christmas That You Should Know

Christmas is the most celebrated annual festival all around the world.  It is a day of togetherness, love as well as blessings. On this day, people extend their gratitude to the Lord All-mighty for everything and everyone they are blessed within their lives.  People take out time from their busy schedules to meet up with old friends and relatives. This day gives everyone an escape from their day to day routine activities. This day embarks on freshly replenished relationships. People move on from the bitter connections to more positive and encouraging ones.

Families unite for a fun-filled evening with gifts and feasts everywhere. The whole house is filled with the sweet aroma of freshly baked cookies and the sweet sounds of children giggling. People can be seen decorating their homes from inside out. They come together to light up the beautiful starry lights around the house. They decorate Christmas trees; the more sparkly it is with the bells and stars, the better. The eldest person of the family has the honour to put the brightest star or an angel at the top of the tree. They cut online Christmas cakes with the whole family all together. People get a brief break from their hassle filled lives during these long Christmas holidays.

While we are learning about Christmas let’s start with the origins of this occasion.

Origins of the Christmas

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December every year and commemorates the birth of Jesus almighty. On this auspicious day, a messiah was born on this earth to bless everyone with his grace and enlightenment. The name Christmas is a relatively new name given to this occasion, and earlier it was referred to as Yule in German, Navidad in Spain and many more. Many priests were of the opinion that martyrs are only commemorated on their martyrdom day rather than their birthdays. Slowly these were sidelined and emerged on Christmas Eve.

How Is It Being Celebrated?

There are a lot of traditions that follow this day and some of the most common ones are the sharing of gifts, decorating Christmas trees, having feasts and waiting for Santa to come. People come together with their loved ones and have parties and feasts that are filled with laughter and music. Kids go around the neighbourhood to sing carols and take blessings from everyone. People decorate Christmas trees and light up candles in Churches. Everyone decorates their houses with lights and colours. The whole city lights up like a beautiful star. A lot of towns organise traditional fireworks as a way to bring joy to the hearts of people.


Santa Claus is a mythical figure that plays a pivotal role. It is in mythology that on the night before Christmas Santa Claus visits every house and distributes gifts to kids that have been nice throughout the year. This also acts as a strong motivation for kids to behave nicely in the preceding days. Santa is one of the main reasons the kids are so excited about Christmas apart from all the treats and fun.

Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus almighty. On this auspicious day, a messiah was born on this earth to bless everyone with his grace and enlightenment. Christmas holds quite a significance in a lot of ways. It is a time when families and friends come together and share wishes and blessings to everyone around them, extending their affection and thankfulness for one another in their lives. Christmas brings a spiritual highlight in one’s life when one truly believes and thanks to the god for every blessing that the god has bestowed upon him. It symbolises a deep significant belief which inculcates the feelings of purity and faith in our lives.

Christmas is a great way to escape from our daily lives. You have a pool of ways to celebrate this festival with all your loved ones. You can arrange a short trip, maybe watch fireworks together, or you can even take your family for a long shopping spree, as almost every store will have sales these days and hence it can be quite pocket friendly as well. No matter what you do, the main aim is to always make people around you feel special and blessed on this day. Another great way you can celebrate Christmas is by donating to the less fortunate kids and people. You can either go to an orphanage or any old age home to make their day the best one. Apart from visiting you can also go for online cake delivery in India to surprise them and make their celebrations even better. This will be a great way to give back to humanity on this blessed day.