Healthpally 5 Tips for Planning a Classy Wedding

If you’re about to marry soon, then you can be overwhelmed about your wedding planning.

There are many things to think about as this is one of the biggest celebration in lifetime.

Everyone wants to have a special wedding with great glamour.

If you’re Not sure how to make your wedding event classic, you can outsource a professional event planner.

However, if you would like to do things yourself, then these tips will help you in the preparation.

  • Menu Preparation

It is always a good time to enjoy lunch or dinner with family and friends.

How could it be otherwise, the ideal time is to gather everyone at our Wedding and taste selected preparations, created by the Chef and accompany them with an exquisite service or a special catering.

The choice of the cocktail and the wedding banquet has to be carefully checked.

Taking into account the type of event that we are going to celebrate, as well as the guests who are going to attend, to bet on a selection of dishes that will be a delight for the 5 senses.

You are going to find a  wide range of options to prepare the menu.

First of all, you have to assess the type of service you want to offer to the guests.

You can opt for a more formal wedding in a banquet format, or if you want it to be a more dynamic and social event, in which all the guests can interact with each other during the meal, your wedding will be a cocktail type.

For those guests who have any food allergies or intolerances, it will be a detail that the hotel or the contracted catering company takes this into account.

Inform them so they can adapt as much as possible the same menu chosen for the rest of the guests.

A determining point that will make a difference will be the quality of the raw material with which the menu will be prepared.

Also,  the presentation of the dishes, and the service.

Your guests will appreciate it and will have a fantastic gastronomic memory along with impeccable service and attention.

  • Keep calm with the Guest list

The guest list is one of the things that makes the bride and groom sleep the most at weddings, says healthpally boss.

Defining your style and the type of wedding you want will help you draw up the list of attendees with whom you want to share that day with.

Think about whether you want an intimate wedding with the closest family,  a day with friends, or a large wedding where family, friends, and co-workers are present.

From there, it will be easier for you to start with the list, Healthpally advised.

When you have prepared the list, we move on to the next challenge, make the seating plan to place the guests at the tables.

You can make an initial seating plan, do not despair because there will be last-minute changes due to unexpected additions,

Remember that the banquet usually lasts two hours and that the guests have to be comfortable with each other, so we recommend that you try to place them at the tables according to the affinities they have, so they will enjoy the evening more.

  •  Invite Guests Early

Guests attending a wedding are likely to have more events on the same date.

Sometimes, they have multiple weddings in a month, as most couples choose spring or summer to get married.

The invitations must be sent long enough, so guests can be organized, as some of them come from different parts of the world and have to schedule a long plane ride.

Nor is it advisable to do it with too much time, because in the end, they can forget the day, the time, the Church.

The ideal is to make the shipment between a month and a half and two months before the date of the event.

The information that you must include in the invitations must be designed for the attendees who will come from outside.

They will appreciate if you attach a list of hotels or accommodations with their addresses and telephone numbers so that they can understand the direction to the place where the event will be held.

  • Manage Stress Effectively

The planning of a wedding is a stressful one while wedding is an unforgettable event and experience, says healthpally boss.

If you’re busy in office and you’ll not be able to plan your wedding effectively because of work you can outsource a wedding planner.

If you also prefer that a professional take care of the preparations, it is essential to have such useful help from The Wedding Planner.

Thanks to them, you do not need to be aware of all the guests, to greet them or thank them for their presence, if the food is good, if the lighting is correct or if the music you wanted is playing.

And also, you can taste the menu that you have chosen with such enthusiasm and enjoy it with your guests.

  • The End of the Party

The final touch that any wedding culminates is the end of the party, and it is what many guests have been waiting for all day.

In this sense, it is essential to choose the music well, including your tastes and that of the guests so that everyone has their interesting moment, healthpally advised

The uniqueness of the space chosen for the disco will attract the attention of your guests, whether it is a glazed space with a spectacular panoramic view, around the pool surrounded by nature, inside a cellar; as well as other fun items such as a photo booth or a fireworks display.


Planning wedding can sometimes be stressful, but if you want a perfect event, with all the details and enjoy it to the fullest, following these tips will help you achieve it.