How to Create an Auto-Playing PowerPoint Presentation

Autoplaying presentations have gained traction over the past few years. Many recruitment agencies consider self-running presentations an important part of their overall talent acquisition strategy. Creating a good autoplaying PowerPoint presentation can help you convey your message clearly and effectively.

Moreover, adding voiceovers or music to your PowerPoint presentations can improve the overall impression of your delivery. However, it is important to note that setting up an autoplay presentation is slightly different from creating traditional slides. You will need to incorporate several additions to create the best self-running presentation.

What Is a Self-Running PowerPoint Presentation?

Simply put, an autoplay PowerPoint presentation runs automatically. Typical PowerPoint presentations, on the other hand, require users to manually transition between slides. This is often achieved by pressing a keyboard or using a clicker.

Automated PowerPoint presentations allow presenters to keep the slides running. This provides greater focus and convenience when it comes to presentation delivery. Moreover, you can time each transition to voiceovers or music as well as controlling the length of each slide.

Autoplay presentations are great for trade shows, conferences, and training. In self-running presentations, you don’t need to control individual slides manually. The whole presentation occurs in a loop without interruptions.

What Are the Benefits of Self-Running Presentations?

Autoplay PowerPoint presentations provide multiple benefits. They are convenient to use when it comes to presentation rehearsals. Moreover, they can be used virtually (pun intended) in every situation. Want to deliver a presentation to your co-workers? Use an autoplay PowerPoint Presentation. Here are other benefits of using self-running presentations:

Great for Slide Shows

PowerPoint autoplay is great for making public announcements. Companies that have to deliver loads of information can use PowerPoint autoplay to show detailed slides. They can use pictures and infographics and transition between slides to provide a full picture to the attendees. In all, you can make great use of slide shows in self-running presentations.

Easily Convertible

PowerPoint autoplay lets you convert your presentations into different formats like MP4 files. This makes for great convenience especially when you want to share your presentations with your loved ones and colleagues.

Adds to the Appeal of Viewers

The best thing about autoplay presentations is that it allows uses to create appealing content. From adding background music to family photos to incorporating voiceovers to office presentations, self-running slides make your content polished and presentable.

Best for Conventions

Companies accord great importance to networking events, trade shows, and conventions. These occasions enable companies to showcase their products and services. Using autoplay PowerPoint presentations allows organizations to attract potential customers with appealing videos and slide shows.

Time Management

PowerPoint autoplay lets users rehearse their presentations by keeping them concise. Picture this, you’re a teacher who’s to fill in time for class projects. Your best bet is to deliver lectures through presentations. Time management is key to delivering effective lectures. Self-running presentations let you keep track of time.

How to Set up PowerPoint Autoplay?

You can create self-running presentations on PowerPoint in multiple ways. You can access these features under the Slide Show tab. From there, you can create a slide show. Moreover, you will find multiple options under the said tab. They are:

Presented by Speaker

This is the default setting in PowerPoint autoplay. If you opt for this option then you’ll have to click through each slide.

Browsed by an individual

While this is an autoplay feature, it is not fully automated. You will still need to hit the play button to begin showcasing the slide show.

Browsed at a kiosk

Pressing this option will create a loop for the slide show. You will have to hit the escape button to end the slide show. This option is ideal for scenarios where the presenter wants the slides to change automatically.

How to Record Slide Timing?

Another interesting feature of PowerPoint is that it lets you record your slide timing. This particular feature lets you determine the duration of an individual slide. Moreover, it is of great utility when it comes to rehearsing your presentation. The slide timing feature can be accessed under the Slide Show tab. You will have to pause the presentation to view the time of the current slide. PowerPoint will also ask you to save or discard the slide timings.


How to Record Slide Show?

You will find the record slide show option under the slide show tab. Click on End Show to end the recording process. Make sure to save your file once you are done recording. It is important to note that you will have to enable the following boxes before commencing with the recording process:

Play Narrations

Use Timings

Show Media Controls


PowerPoint autoplay is a great tool with tremendous benefits. Add this to your meetings and conferences and you’ll be amazed by the result you see.