How to Pick the Best Colour of Contact Lenses?

Gone are the occasions when one couldn’t change his eye tones. Shockingly, numerous individuals have attempted some home cures like utilising nectar and so forth in their eyes to help their eye colour change to a noticeably lighter shade. You don’t have to attempt these hurtful unproven methods and mess with your eyes when you can accomplish any tone by wearing coloured contact lenses. Also, eyes are susceptible, and you should be extra careful while trying any remedy or putting anything in your eyes.

The coloured contact lenses aren’t just implied for wearing on exceptional events or celebrations. You can wear them consistently too because they are absolutely sheltered and unbelievably awesome. Also, they look supernatural, and no one can ever have a clue that it isn’t your natural eye colour, unless you tell them you are wearing lenses, or they know about your real eye colour. You can wear them for eight hours effectively with no dread or distress. Likewise, if you aren’t a devotee of your normal eye tone, you can pick a colour you love the most and wear it without double guessing your decision.

Coloured contact lenses are the totally entrancing expansion to the universe of adornments. The idea of changing your eye tone isn’t any longer an idea. Presently you can accomplish diverse eye tones, in a couple of dollars and put your best self forward. What’s your #1 eye tone? Pink, red, purple, white, blue, green or something dark? Whatever it is, regardless of how bizarre or novel, you can find that shade on the web and in stores, buy it and look enchanting.

How to Pick Coloured Contact Lenses for Yourself?

Purchasing coloured contact lenses these days is simple, yet choosing what tone to buy is not exactly as easy as you might think. It is going to test your patience and of course, the better choice you have, the better decision you’ll make. When you take a gander at people or movie characters with dim or green eyes, you consequently need an eyeshade like them, it’s natural, we all think alike. However, is it even a sensible methodology or a wise choice? Unquestionably not! You need to consider numerous elements, for example, your skin tone, eye tone, your hair tone, event, your outfit and time and lightning. Try not to freeze yet, we will have you sort out every one of these things, and you’ll just need to purchase the suggested shading and look like the best version of yourself.

Here are quick tips for you that can help you find the perfect coloured contact lenses in no time!

Light complexion –If you have a fair face and golden hair, you might have blue or green eyes. This eye shading characteristic is prevalent in Europe and a part of Asia. Light eye tone, fair skin tone and light hair can make you look exceptionally dull and exhausting. If you are searching for an approach to zest up your character, we suggest you pick up pale or dark shades of coloured contact lenses. Dull earthy coloured or dark coloured contact lenses can add some dramatic effect to your face and make you look comparatively fresh and enthusiastic. If you aren’t indeed alright with the deep shades, hazel or light earthy coloured contact lenses will likewise look extraordinary on you.

Medium Skin Tone- If you have medium tone skin tone and dark caramel hair, you are unbelievably fortunate. Trust us, embrace yourself as much as you can and wake up every day, loving yourself the way you are. Any coloured contact lenses will look mesmerising on you. If you are more on the lighter side, go with earthy coloured and hazel coloured contact lenses. Dark and blue will likewise suit your composition a ton.

Wheatish and Olive Skin Tone-  If you have a wheatish or olive composition like mostly Indians and Pakistanis we suggest you go with light earthy coloured or hazel coloured contact lenses. They will add a stylish and elegant look to your appearance. Also, if you like artificial tans, this is yet again an excellent choice for you.

Brown Complexion- Individuals with a brown complexion and dark hair ought to consider the vibe they need to emit. A few people like to remain low-key while some need shimmering, big and popping eyes. Thus, if you love the dim and voguish vibe, dark or profound earthy coloured contact lenses will look astounding on you. Furthermore, if you want to stand out and have shimmering and sparkling eyes, sport blue or dark coloured contact lenses should be your ultimate. They can hoist your whole look and make you resemble a diva who knows how to do everything the best.

Occasion: Other than these components, you ought to likewise consider the event you are gone to or the sort of air you need to make. If it is a standard conference, school gathering or wedding, stick to eye colours like blue, green, dark, dark and hazel, however, if it’s something that permits you to go insane and dress up wild, whiteout, fiend red or vampire contact lenses and stand out.

Makeup Tips With Coloured Contact Lenses:

Who doesn’t cherish cosmetics looks, and changing the way they look just to feel a little better on dull days, right? Likewise, in this day and age, cosmetics aren’t just for girls or parties. People wear them daily because they love to! Young men love to wear it as well, and they are no longer an exception. After all, everyone deserves to feel a little better about themselves. Same is the situation with coloured contact lenses, individuals of all sexual orientations wear them and rock them, and there is no one to judge them. Because it is a free world and people can do whatever they want.

Cosmetics causes an individual to feel more certain about himself and upgrades his general appearance also. Everybody who is looking forward to wearing coloured contact lenses anytime soon, here are a couple of incredible cosmetics tips that can assist you with creating sparkling eyes.

Makeup is about tones, velvety base and fine everything flush and gleamy. Here we have all the makeup steps and ideas for you that you should consider while wearing coloured contact lenses, a pretty dress and loads of makeup.

Foundation: It is smarter, to begin with applying a watery base since it will make a smooth base, and your makeup will look neat.

Eye Cosmetics: After that, apply your eye cosmetics, make sure to apply concealer first and primer before applying eyeshadow. Mix in every one of those bright shades on your eyes e and polish off your eye makeup with applying some eyeliner, fake lashes and glitters if you want.

Eyeliner: Everyone loves wearing eyeliner, but should all of you be wearing them? Well, if you are wearing light shades of coloured contact lenses, similar to dim, obscure or green, eyeliner is an unquestionable requirement! Without eyeliner, your face will look incomplete, and your eyes will seem dull. Thus, apply eyeliner and choose smokey eye makeup.

Smokey or Non-Smokey? If you are wearing dark coloured contact lenses or dim earthy coloured lenses, your eyes are already popping out enough as of now, and you would prefer not to make them look bigger because they can make your face look out of proportion. So, shun smokey or dark cosmetics, and instead apply some pinkish-gold eyeshadow to make your eye shading more conspicuous.

Contour and Tint: When you are finished with your eye makeup and base, move on the cheeks and rest of your face. Contour your cheekbone, highlight your forehead and nose and colour those apple cheeks.

Lip Shade: Lip colour is a must! It is what completes your overall look. If you are wearing light shades of coloured contact lenses with substantial cosmetics on, keep your lip colour moderate. Peach, nude or light earthy coloured lip tones are a great idea to go. And if your eye makeup is light, and you have earthy coloured or dark-coloured contact lenses, we suggest you wear a pink or red lip tone.


Here was all about how you should pick the coloured contact lenses for you! Consider your skin tone, hair colour, occasion and then choose your coloured contact lenses. After that, do your makeup and pick your outfit accordingly.