Keeping a checklist while shifting to make everything grouped

Moving to a new home and apartment is exciting and exciting; however, there are also a lot of things to do throughout the whole process.

Knowing the best ways to organize and unpack is only part of the problem. Knowing the ideal time to complete each process step could be overwhelming for even the most experienced homeowner.

This is why we at Roadway Moving have created “The Ultimate Moving Checklist” to be your moving guide.

The free printable checklist of your move during the move will help keep you on the right track, but it will make your life easier and more organized moving experience!

Checklist before taking action- The quick action checklist is the first thing you should complete when you decide to move. It is important to determine the date of your move, which must be 8 weeks later, to make sure you have enough time to get the next steps in place:

  • Get quotes from three moving companies. When you have decided on the day of your move, get quotes, terms and conditions and other information.
  • Set and maintain your budget, take stock of your belongings and calculate how much it will cost to move them. Talk to an accountant or insurance agent to determine expenses.
  • Move your information to the appropriate location to ensure the records are in the new place. Medical or school records and many other records should be moved to the new location so that it is easy for you. Begin this process when you have decided on the date of your move.

Checklist for 6 weeks before the move

Six weeks before your move, it’s time to start checking your assets. It is important to determine the best way to move your belongings and if you need all your belongings and more. Here are the steps to take:

  • Check your personal belongings.
  • Make a list of the things you would like to achieve accomplish.
  • Remove unwanted items through a backyard sale or donation.
  • Plan to move your plants, your valuables, and your pets if they own them.
  • Make sure you delete the things that can’t be moved. Food items, such as vegetables, some food items, and many others.
  • It is necessary to fill in an application for a change of address on the Italian postal service to avoid losing the mail.

Checklist for 4 weeks before the move 

You must complete the essentials four weeks before the move to avoid surprises on the day of the move. It involves more planning as well as strategies and actions.

  • Purchase your packaging material. Hire professional packers and movers in Marathahalli services to help you with packaging and avoid buying your own packaging supplies.
  • Change the address for your bills. Changing your address for the telephone cable, water for the Internet, electricity waste collection and other services is essential.
  • Measure your new home to get an idea of ​​the size and layout of your belongings. Understanding the measurements of your new home will allow you to estimate the space that is allocated to you.

Checklist for 1 – 2 weeks before the move

The day approaches the day of the move. It’s time to connect all the pending ends. Here is a checklist you should complete at least 1-2 weeks before the move date:

  • You must inform healthcare professionals, schools, gyms, banks, and other professional and government services of your new address.
  • Be sure to discuss the moving arrangements with your movers. Make sure you have the right moving truck and discuss parking.
  • Start finishing the items in your refrigerator and clean the refrigerator.
  • Make sure you drain the gas from all of your electrical equipment.
  • Fill out all your prescriptions.

Checklist for the day of the move

You need to act quickly and achieve your goals on the day of your move. Here’s what you need to do to prepare for the move:

  • Make sure all the items you will need to move are packed properly and moved removed from the house in the moving truck
  • Check your home carefully to ensure you haven’t lost any items on the moving truck.
  • Fill out all inventory forms and provide your contact and address for the mover you have hired
  • Check your new home to determine if there are any problems, and tidy up hard-to-reach locations.
  • Make sure you have a travel bag with the items you will need right after arriving in your new home.


Keeping a checklist while moving will help you track what you need to do to ensure an efficient moving day. Moving can be exciting, fun, and something you are looking forward to. It is essential to have everything organized, grouped and ready to be managed. A checklist is essential for a stress-free, successful, and fluid movement experience.