Know All About Shimeji in Detail

Shimeji is program customization equipment which permits users to create adorable animations are their computer screen companions.

How does it work?

After the app has been installed, you will have two Shimeji, but you can check out hundreds of others and download them for free by accessing the store page of the app.

The characters are called Shimejis. They are cute and simple animations which play around and wander on your screen. You can simply just upgrade them to offer you company inside several apps. The animations crawl all over your present wallpaper.

Seeing this from a technical perspective, Java is important for the functioning of Shimeji and the actions are defined via simple XML files. So, with just basic programming knowledge, you can easily personalize your program, the way you want.

But, if you are an inexperienced programmer, then there is something for you too. Just right click on Shimeji and you will have several options to control the behavior of crawling mascots- they can climb, sit, jump and do a lot more. The program is a simple idea to add some fun and excitement to your screen along with your daily activities.

The user interface is simple and is manually controlled. After you have installed the program, you can choose as many mascots as you want and add them to your screen. As it is an open source software, new characters will keep coming to your Shimeji family and broaden your customization options.

Where do you run Shimeji?

You can run this software on Google Chrome and Windows OS.

Should you download Shimeji?

Well, yes if you spend a lot of your time sitting in front of your screen, then Shimeji will prove to be a wonderful companion to you. Just pick it up and it will help you get through your day. It is a kind of desktop help which amazes you with its simplicity and charm.

The tiny desktop buddies will play around on the websites you go to. They interact with the page elements. All you need to do is pick them up with your mouse and drag them and drop anywhere you want. They will walk, crawl, climb and jump all over the screen. They are kind of fun to look at. There are so many shimeji characters to select from. Every character is special in its own way. Some of the characters included here are Pokemons, Charmander, Flygon, Mew, Raichu, Pikachu, Slowpoke, Mudkip, Crobat, Dewott, Archen, Sparker, Tepig, Shiny, Zorua and many more to name.

People across the world are using Shimeji Browser extension and enjoying its company. So, if you are looking something to add new sparkle and life to your computer screen, then this is a must inclusion for you. Use it and see how it delights you and keeps you active all through the day, even with full-day on-screen work.

It is a simple program which works as an extension on your Chrome so there is no long procedure of download and installation necessary.