Oregon Business Registry

An Oregon Business Registry is a record of the business entity and all the business activities conducted by it. The Oregon Business Registry keeps a record of the type of businesses, their nature of activity, number of employees and owners and nature of contracts entered into by the company with the government. A business entity can be a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, unincorporated organization, proprietorship or any other legal form. Oregon has various methods for recording the business transactions and the Oregon Business Registry is one such method. It helps to keep a track of the companies activities and the type of clients it undertakes.

An Oregon business registry has all the details regarding the type of business, the nature of its activity, name and address of the registered agent and the nature of business contracts entered into. The business register keeps data regarding the names and addresses of the registered agents and the nature of the transactions performed. The entries made in the Oregon business registry are kept in chronological order with respect to the date of birth of the entities. The business register is accessible to all law enforcing agencies through the attorney general’s office.

Every company has to get registered under the business registries in order to have a legal status. The Oregon business register keeps data regarding the names, addresses and contact numbers of the registered agents and the type of business they perform. The Oregon business register also has all the records concerning the formation and dissolution of the company and the names of its directors and shareholders.

The Oregon business Registry contains the complete information about the business of every company irrespective of the type of business. If a company is looking to hire the services of an agent for conducting its business or looking for an agent for signing business contracts then the company should make a search in the Oregon business registry. For instance, if the company wants to hire an agent to handle its business in Oregon then it should provide the name of the person, address, telephone number and e-mail address of such agent. Such details are available under the individual names or business names of the people.

All these details are necessary for conducting the business of the company properly. Even in cases of incorporation, it is very important to have the right kind of Oregon business register agent. The Oregon business registry keeps all the details about the registered agents of a company. It provides the names of all the officers of the company, their official address and phone numbers. It is the duty of the registered agent to respond to all the mails from the company and to attend all the company’s meetings. Such duties are performed by the registered agents on behalf of the company.

There are certain rules that need to be followed by the agents when they are performing the responsibilities of the company. The first rule is that the agents cannot charge any fee before providing any service and they cannot take any fee for the process of maintaining the Oregon business registry. Secondly the agents cannot act as their own lawyer or representative and they cannot give legal advice to the company. An agent cannot represent the company on their own behalf and cannot give legal advice to the company.

If the company finds that there are some chances that the registered agent has acted in a fraudulent manner then it can take the complaint to the state board for licensed insolvency. If the complaint is found true then the company can take the help of the Oregon state board for accredited insolvency. Once the complaint is against an agent of the company can take the complaint to the Oregon court. In this case the court would take the case of the registered agent seriously. If the court concludes in favor of the company then the registered agent would be fined.

The Oregon business registry can be accessed from the Oregon secretary of state website. One can also get the Oregon business papers online. Various websites conduct various searches in an online database. You can search for the details regarding the registered agent for any organization. You just need to keep in mind that even if the business is insolvent, you can still find legal help through a good Oregon business registry.