Steps to follow before buying a refrigerator.

  1. Analyze your needs.

As technology is advancing, appliances are coming with new features. Some of them are valuable to you, while others will be worthless.

Refrigerators come in different shapes and sizes to fit most kitchens. It is crucial to do thorough research before buying one.

Referring to a refrigerator buying guide is a must as it provides detailed information on the latest technology and features.


As you list out the features of the refrigerator before buying, try assessing your lifestyle to make the right decision.

How you and your family use a refrigerator is a prime consideration. If you save too many leftovers and ingredients, then your fridge should have enough space to hold things.

If you save a little, then you can go for a smaller capacity.

If most of your food is stored in the freezer, then you have to look for a fridge with more freezer space or a side by side refrigerator.


    You’ll need to take measurements if you are putting a new refrigerator in a new spot in your kitchen.

    With the help of a tape, take the entire measurement of the space where the fridge will be placed. Leave a minimum distance of 25 mm of free space for the side and rear of the fridge and bit more from the top of the fridge.

  • SIZE

There are different kinds of refrigerator in the market, so you need to decide on the type of refrigerator you should go for based on your kitchen interior capacity.

For bachelors or couples, the required capacity must be 50-200 liters. If you have a family of 3-4 members then go for 250-300 liters. For mid-sized families, the capacity of 250-400 liters is preferred and for a joint family capacity of 550-850 liters is good to go.


It totally depends on how much you are willing to spend and what specific features you’re looking for. Be sure to not compromise on performance, durability, and energy efficiency of your desired refrigerator.

  1. Types of refrigerator.

As the name suggests, there is a freezer on the top and a full-width door on the fridge. The classic look offers a large fresh food compartment below a smaller freezer compartment.

This is the most energy-efficient one compare to other refrigerators. Since compressor is located very far from the freezer, freezer does not have to work harder to keep cool.


The bottom freezer is exactly opposite to the top freezer refrigerator with the freezer located at the bottom. They are very good for people who are finding difficulty in bending as most things are easy to access at the top.

They consume a bit more electricity as freezer is located near the compressor when compared to top freezer refrigerators.


Side by side model design splits the refrigerator vertically having freezer on the left side and fridge space on the right side. If you eat more frozen food, then go for it as it provides a separate compartment for the freezer section.

If you want premium features at a greater price and pleasing appearance, then it is the best selection.


Design is borrowed from the side by side and bottom mounted refrigerators. Fresh food compartment is on the top and freezer section is at the bottom which has to be pulled like a drawer.

If you store more fresh foods and not worried about the freezer section, then go for the refrigerator as it is more energy efficient compared to other refrigerators.

  1. Features to look for before buying


Before purchasing a refrigerator, watch out for energy star rating and energy efficiency information. Product with more star rating consumes less electricity compared to the product with less star rating.

Appliances with an energy star rating are 10 to 20 percent more energy efficient than non-rated models. If you are thinking of saving money by buying a less efficient refrigerator, then it is a bad idea as it reaps your energy savings and puts a burden on electricity bills.


A good fridge must have enough shelves and compartments to keep all your food items well organized. Drawers should open and close more smoothly to provide a good experience.

Toughened glass shelves to withstand heavyweights are provided in every compartment. If shelves and compartments are easy to adjust, then food can be stored more efficiently.


Storing hot food can cause fluctuation in the internal temperature which is bad for food already stored in the refrigerator.

To overcome this, many refrigerators have come up with quick chill and power cool technology. In some refrigerator, Twin cooling technology generates cool air separately for the freezer and fridge section.


Noise from the refrigerator could indicate an issue with the compressor which is present at the back. This is a bigger issue and needs to be diagnosed by a professional.

Removing dust from the condenser and motor fan can reduce the noise a bit. Your fridge has to be serviced frequently to get better performance and durability.

Noise from the refrigerator can take an extra dollar from your pocket due to its decrease in energy efficiency.


This feature is mostly found in side by side refrigerator. You can easily have cold water or ice cubes without opening the fridge. Water and ice dispensers can reduce the amount of freezer space in the freezer compartment.

These features can increase energy use but since there is no need to open the refrigerator door can save energy costs in the long run.

Finally one has to consider all the above-mentioned points and guidelines before buying the best refrigerator.