Seven Funny Reasons to Insure Your Mobile Phone

Do you ever think to have an insurance policy for your mobile phone? Today we are here to discuss the reasons for the need to insure our mobile.

The seven main funny reasons to insure your mobile phone are -:

  1. To protect against loss in auto rickshaw and taxi ricksaw                                      It happens quiet often that in the rush of work we often leave our mobile phone in auto rickshaw and taxis. When we remember it is often too late and our mobile phone gets lost. So it is necessary to have an insurance policy to protect our losses in such a scenario.
  2. To protect our mobile phone against damage by waterwater damage                               When the monsoon gets at its peak there is a problem of water or moisture going inside the mobile phone despite it being kept in pouches & other waterproof layers. So we deserve the reimbursement for this kind of damage as it can also be called theft by rain.
  3. For mistreatment by kids who want better phone bigstock_Baby_Boy                                                              Imagine a family of working parents with two kids each having a phone. If the kids mishandle the phone & damage it & then ask you for a better costlier phone. In this situation if the insurance company replaces the phone this will save your cost as well as help your kids understand that they have to protect their phone from damage.
  4. To help people who are newly in love – This insurance scheme does not protect against loss, per se. It’s more like financial aid to people who are in their starting month of a new relationship, and need their better halves and feel them each and every second of the whole day. If the insurance company pays 50% of their mobile phone bill for that starting month, it will go a long way to keep them from becoming beggars.
  5. To make your mobile phone look better – For today’s generation looks & appearance of the phone matter the most. Looks of the phone determine the standard & cost of the phone. Everybody wants a shining phone .If your mobile insurer invests some money to improve the looks of your old phone you need not invest on an expensive phone & remain happy with your old phone.
  6. To protect those who buy Chinese smartphone –  First day you buy a new Chinese smartphone, second day you show it to your friends, third day the touch screen feature of the phone fails & you are left with the old plastic box which you would wish to throw away. Think of the happiness if the insurance company could send the phone back to china & get its features restored.
  7. 7.    Health insurance to protect Indians from hypertension – Every time we get a bunch of SMS, our BP rises by one point. Twenty five years from now, as we cough out our lives in a sanitized hospital room, our friends will wish that we have a good insurance scheme. Which is why people who have phone should get a scheme that says all illness caused by hypertension will be treated free of cost.

These are the funniest reason in which we need to insure are mobile.