Simple Self-Watering Automatic Houseplant Irrigation Tool

Self-watering irrigation tool can be advantageous and detrimental to crops and plants. One can control the soil environment, but often the roots of the plant may get too wet or dry as per your watering habits. Self-watering houseplant irrigation tool offers an option to water the plant with a number of advantages. Soil of the pot gets its nourishment from above the base water reservoir where the root of the plant can stretch out of the soil as well as inside the water to get nutrient supply.

It retains nutrients

With proper container gardening, the soil nutrients gradually diffuse out of the medium with water. Thus, you need to include organic matter time to time maintain the nutrients level of the soil constant. Self-watering tools allow you to water the soil normally and the nutrients stay within the immediate environment without getting overflown by the water. Hence, the nutrients don’t flow out of the garden bed because of excess water flow. So, your plant flourishes with right level of nutrients.

Doesn’t allow wastage of water

Conservation of water is very important, majorly in dry weather. It is a major concern for people. Self-watering irrigation tool don’t allow the water to evaporate from the oil as they keep it hydrated round the clock. It offers direct watering from above. And, the trapped water in the reservoir doesn’t evaporate so easily. Watering amount depends on your preference. You can easily control the flow offering your plants the best developing environment all round the clock, even to the thirstiest crops.

Saves your time

When you are on a vacation or have been working for long hours outside your home, your plants bear the loss. Going for simple self-watering automatic houseplant irrigation tool constantly keeps your plants and soil moist for better growing results. Thus, this system gives you more time for other activities without damaging the plant with excess water. It means your plants get can go for several days without any watering activities from your side. The water-cycle of the system has sufficient water to nourish the plants for a long time. It takes a long time for the water to evaporate from the containers. So, you can be tension-free and enjoy your vacations.

Promotes good root growth

Ardent gardeners have the knowledge that shallow watering may cause shallow root development. And often crops like tomatoes will witness poor fruit development if the root doesn’t support properly. The self-watering system helps you in providing the right water supply to your plant roots. Water flows directly on the root of the plant which stimulates them to grow deep with the right moisture. Sturdy root systems lead to wider stems and branches.

Some tips to plan your plant watering routine are given below:

  1. Usually, you should water your garden in the morning. It permits the roots to absorb moisture before the temperature increases.
  2. Plant with heavy fruits and flowers require more water.
  3. Make sure you give a long and thorough soak to new plants.
  4. You should water more in the summers in comparison to winters