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UK has always been the first choice of the manufacturers to launch their newly invented smartphones. The newly invented IPhone 6 has thoroughly redefined the word technology. The phone is designed with incomparable features and attributes. It is something that is bound to impress even if you have not been the fan of Apple gadgets.


Because of increasing demand for mobile phones in the country, top most mobile companies including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, karbonn are known to launch their mobile phones. The online available mobile stores act as repository of almost all the newly launched models of mobile phones. No matter what your budget and requirements are, the company shall duly fulfill all your needs thereby giving you a satisfactory deal altogether.

If you desire collecting information on latest tech gadgets then the latest technology news is sure to help you out. It imparts you all the information regarding the newly launched phones and gadgets. Samsung has been providing its consumers with great gadgets from time to time. The mobile phones that come out of the stable of Samsung are known to be utmost durable along with being value for money.  The latest launch by the company includes Samsung grand, galaxy ace, s3, s4 and many more. The company has been providing quality mobiles at the most reasonable prices possible.

Apart from Samsung, Sony has also been launching splendid Smartphone models from quite a while. The xperia range of Sony is simply marvelous and breathtaking. It is something which is desired by all the gadget geeks. Sony has launched various versions of xperia models. Each model has its own peculiar attributes and value. With so many models of smartphones launched by the company, it would not be wrong to say that there is something for everyone. With the fun of android combined with big touch screen, all day to day activities can be conveniently managed over xperia models of mobile phones. The phone renders ultimate visual display each time it is operated.

Nokia is yet another company that has always topped the list of Smartphone manufacturers. Nokia range of smartphones is poles apart from all other Smartphone models launched till date. The OVI operating software has been lately impressing people. The best part of the smartphones launched by Nokia is that they never get outdated. The OVI Operating Software can be conveniently upgraded thereby installing all the latest apps possible.