The Ultimate MMA Conditioning Workout

Have you ever thought of being a MMA fighter? Man, these guys are ripped. They undergo severe training and never make excuses. That’s why it is necessary to take a look at methods of MMA fitness training.

Keeping this mind, here is an MMA workout routine which modeled the casual fight structure: 5 rounds at 5 minutes. The workout has been designed essentially for MMA conditioning of your body as if you were in the arena. In the regime, basically body weight exercises are done included with some exercises which involve low amount of weight. Using an 8lb. dumbbell isn’t a lot of weight, but it offers a sufficient amount of resistance to enhance the intensity.

MMA training involves a full-body workout; hence you need to work on everything, right from upper body, lower to the core. Some of the exercises are new and you may have never heard of them. So, it is important to follow the instructions of your MMA personal trainer to know the proper form needed for every movement. Once you have done the workout several times, you should start your own stop watch to keep a track of the time.

It is important to sufficiently stretch out so that body is all nice and loose. A sample warm up routine for you to ready for MMA conditioning workout is given below:

  1. Arm circles: forward and backward small circles 10-10 times.
  2. Arm circles: forward and backward big circles 5-5 times.
  3. Jumping Jacks 15
  4. Squats 10
  5. Quad stretch 3times at 3 sec hold.

If you feel the need, stretch more!

MMA Conditioning workout plan:

Round 1: 5 minutes

  • Push up jacks (1min)
  • Half gracies left and right side (1-1 min)
  • Falling punches (1min)
  • Half burpees (1min)

Round 2: 5 minutes

  • Jumping dolphin (1min)
  • One arm half burpees right and left side (1-1 min)
  • Rising crabs (1min)
  • Jumping duck (1min)

Round 3: 5 minutes

  • Jump uneven (1min)
  • Reverse hip dips left and right side (1-1 min)
  • Single Leg superman squats left and right side (1-1 min)

Round 4: 5 minutes

  • Single hand hop with weight left and right side (1-1 min)
  • Full bridge (1min)
  • Pistol squat left and right side (1-1 min)

Round 5: 5 minutes

  • Jumping jacks with weight (1min)
  • Plyometric dips (1min)
  • Stretch push ups (1min)
  • Spider push ups (1min)
  • Wall sits (1min)

It is important to take a 1 minute resting time between all rounds to give yourself some breath. If you really want to know how to mma fighters train, then you should visit Mixed Martials Conditioning Association. The coaches here have trained numerous UFC work champions and are known to offer best training, strengthening and conditioning exercises. The push you to enhance your fight training and make you exhaust from head to toe, with every muscle aching and tightening. Learn from the champion who coaches UFC fighters and be a master in this field. Just take up the course and train yourself as hard as possible to be a professional MMA fighter.