Things to know before Shopping for Colonial Penn Life Insurance

If you have seen a Colonial Penn Life Insurance advertisement on your television, then you know that they provide guaranteed life insurance for elderly people. Basically they target people aged between 50 to 85 and promises to provide guaranteed issue life insurance along with a rate lock which means that your rate will never increase no matter what the reason is. If you witness the colonial penn rate chart, you will see that the monthly premium stays the same if you purchase one of their insurance policies for your whole life. Thus, as a matter of fact, every single whole life insurance policy taken up for any age will have rate lock with coverage options starting at as less as 35 cents per day.

Young businessmen and partnership holding a pen pointing the graph to analyze the marketing plan with calculater and laptop computer on wood desk in office.

What really adds to your experience when you are going for a Colonial Penn Life Insurance is that it doesn’t need any health queries or examinations! It just takes seconds to go for Colonial Penn Life insurance quotes. All you need to do is fill your details in an online form and within seconds you will get the quotes on your screen. Being one of the leading companies rendering guaranteed acceptance life insurance plans, you have seamless options for senior citizens. The company has impressive policy plans which serve as an interest for all the elderly people managing their health and wellness status.

The company enjoys the repute of rendering exceptional life insurance policies for seniors. Though just like the other insurance policies offered by different companies, here also the senior life insurance policies are towards the higher side, expensive. As you age, your insurance policies prices get higher. Though Colonial Penn provides you with locked in benefits which means your benefits will remain same and young as you age. Along with locked benefits, your premium amount remains locked. You do not have any hidden costs or cancellation coverage charges. And, lastly, the company provides you with flexible premium options which mean you can pay monthly, quarterly, or half yearly as per your preference.

However, the kind of insurance you are looking for depends on your requirement and health issues. You also need to check the colonial penn rate chart when you are purchasing a suitable life insurance policy for anyone. Here are some of the benefits which the insurance plans offer you:

  1. You do not need to go through any hassle of medical examination.
  2. You can easily apply from the comfort of your home and enjoy simple procedure.
  3. You can get benefits up to $50000 as per your colonial penn rate chart.
  4. It serves as a complete protection for you as well as your family.
  5. You can pay the premium in flexible time frames.
  6. Anyone within the age limit of 40 to 75 years can apply for an insurance policy at Colonial Penn Life Insurance.
  7. Premium rates vary depending on your age and gender.
  8. As the policy is for lifetime, you do not have to undergo the hassle procedure of renewal.