Things you should know about FinuTrade

You cannot use a broker till you know all about it. There are a lot of brokers that don’t reveal their commissions or hidden charges.

But, FinuTrade is different. It is a high-end brokerage that specializes in different asset types. It has its base set up in Switzerland in Geneva.

Below here are a few things which you should know about FinuTrade before signing up:

Training with FinuTrade

A common problem that traders encounter on a trading platform is a lack of proper knowledge to trade.

That is why it is useful to get help from a professional who can provide you with pointers. FinuTrade offers personal trading education to traders to boost their trading skills and knowledge.

The best thing is that the consultation is free of cost.


A lot of education material is available for free on FinuTrade. You can access it and enhance your trading knowledge.

Great funding

FinuTrade has no hidden fees. It offers quick and transparent funding. You get full value of your money along with a smooth trading flow.

Trading products

If offers the users all means to diversify their portfolio. Some of the asset classes offered by FinuTrade are forex, CFDs, stocks, metals, energies and cryptocurrencies.


FinuTrade offers high leverage and clear pricing. You can enjoy a leverage of 1:300 with tight spreads. The trading execution speed is also very high.

Hence, a trader has no difficulty in trading.

Different trading accounts

It offers different versions of accounts for different types of traders. There are different benefits a trader receives with different accounts.

The signup procedure is quick and free. You can upgrade to a higher account over time.

How safe is the broker?

FinuTrade is a secure, high-end brokerage firm and is fully regulated. It has encryption and verification features which makes hacking very difficult.

No cybercriminal can get access to your account information. Your money is secure from laundering and other scams.

Customer service

The customer service team responds quickly and gives you uninterrupted help 24/ 5 through mail or call.


FinuTrade is a great broker recommended for all types of traders offering top-notch security and other specs.