Tips to commence your own sports agency

Sports agent assists sports persons to negotiate agreement to play for clubs. Sports agency company renders service and advertisement and endorsement deals on athlete’s behalf. The agents get a pre-quoted percentage of the endorsement or contract amount in return for their services. The greater number of deals a company can settle for their athletes, the more will be their income. So, if you are thinking to start your sports agency, you will need instincts, abilities and a thick skin to advance.

Below here are some tips to start your own sports agency:


Any aspiring sports agent should have minimal education. They should also possess knowledge in the industry that they are going to venture in. If you are planning to be a sports agent, then client management is important. If you have course in public relations, finances, then you have a greater chance to be an agent.

You should also know how to handle deals, endorsements, settlements and agreements. Gaining some knowledge in law is important. Sometimes contracts may be complicated.


Agents need a good office space to showcase success and confidence to potential customers. Often people judge you on your abilities depending on your office appearance.

Select a suitable name that attracts attention. Have a company name and make its website online. You can also advertise your company to create awareness in the niche. Lastly, as a sport agent, you should have remarkable communication abilities to convince athletes to sign with you.

Pay visit to games

Before commencing a sports agency, it is important that you assess your prospective clients and competitors. By attending games, you can understand the strength and weakness of players and how your competitors approach different sports players, differently.

Visiting amateur matches will also help agents in knowing about the upcoming athletes who will soon be experts soon. You can offer them your platform.

Business plan

In order to be the big fish, make sure you have a good and sustainable business plan. Every agency should have a long term plan revealing how the company plans to invest in the athlete. Also mention all the travel expenses, upkeep fees and event info in the plan.

Starting a sports agency will require a lot of more than this. One of the fruitful ways is to register at iRama. The online portal will represent your agency to its players and offer their scouting and expert assessment. With their help, you will have a greater exposure and bigger evaluation of how your business will turn out to be.