Website design tips for technology business

For tech companies, the most important marketing asset is their website. Just like the store front of retail shop casts an impression on the customer, the website of a tech company is the first impression a customer will get of their business. This is why you need a well-designed website for your company. However, you cannot just make a great website overnight. There are a lot of things to take into account about what products and service you provide, the niche you deal in, and who your potential buyers are. Creating the needed depth to your site, with the right resources along with a powerful call-to-action should be dealt with in a customer-centric manner.

So, how can your company make a website which isn’t just functional and easy on the eyes but give your prospective buyers all the details they need and produces substantial leads. Here are some website design tips to keep in mind when designing website for tech business:

Landing pages for techno company sites 

A landing page is a standalone web page designed for marketing and advertising purpose. For instance, when a customer clicks via a Google AdWords ad which they come across they land on a page made to link with that ad. So if a person searches for CRM systems for small business, then the CRM provider ad will take you to a landing page customized for small business.

Hence, do not hesitate to create as many landing pages as possible.  Easy tips to optimize your landing page for target customers:

Strong headlines: They are important as per your PPC terms and target audience.

Clean design: It makes your site look professional and trustworthy. It allows your audience to engage the CTA without excessively being salesy.

Appealing buttons: It makes CTA simple and obvious. The wording in the buttons should be precise, clear and powerful.

Product tour page

Depending on the kind of technology you deal in, your products and services will have immense number of functionality, features and specs. However, a common mistake which tech business do is they explain all in words.

You can always make tutorial videos to give them all the knowledge about your products and services.

Validation tactics

For technology companies, nothing brings future customers minds at ease other than reviews and testimonials on the website.

Testimonials, validations and success stories should be published on different pages and different formats to engage the highest amount of targeted audiences.

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