What Are the Major Roles of Human Resource (HR) Services?

Companies that provide HR services play an essential role, from managing the client’s HR department to efficiently dealing with various business communications. The consultants working in HR consulting firms like HR Options act as external guides who give business owners expert advice. They also share the workload of HR departments, ensuring excellence in the client’s business’s performance and growth.

There are some significant roles that HR service providers play when it comes to managing the HR department:

Human Capital Strategist

The first and foremost discipline of the human resource department is the individual capital strategy. That involves a variety of strategic works in the HR domain. Some of those works may include:

  • Defining a corporate culture
  • Organization design
  • Setting up a workers’ plan that supports key pillars in the business growth
  • Recruitment and talent management
  • The strategies related to the HR department

Compensation, Benefits and Rewards Manager

This domain of HR consulting is also called total rewards gained from the business. It consists of all aspects of different employees’ compensation and benefits ranging from the base and variable pay to various bonuses. Other things included in this field are:

  • Pensions
  • Retirement consulting
  • Advisory services regarding health and welfare
  • Secondary benefits on the work floor
  • Compensation of employees

Organizational Change Manager

Bringing up-to-date changes in the organization encompass the people side of change. Together these changes are aimed at successfully guiding and changing the way of working within any organization. This discipline stands at the core of all the service areas, including:

  • Leadership alignment
  • Stakeholder management
  • Advisory expertise in interventions and tools
  • Change interventions
  • Cultural administration of the main offerings

Learning and Development Consultant

Learning (also referred to as training) and development is the field concerned with the various activities whose principal goal is improving the performance of workers and employees. Some of the notable things related to this discipline include:

  • Competency development across leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring of employee
  • The technological side of training activities
  • Implementation of learning management systems
  • Supporting education and training regarding the needs of individuals

HR Generalist

This discipline area focuses on all the different activities related to the HR department’s functioning and improvement. The service in this field may vary from developing an HR target operating model to implementing cutting-edge technologies and HR systems. It may also include other HR transformations that boost organizational efficiency and boost processes.

Talent Management Consultant

This field encompasses all the various activities required to develop, retain, and recruit new talent to boost business growth. It also includes designating the right structure and processes in the right place to make sure that the professionals perform optimally. The fundamental propositions of this discipline include:

  • Strategic workforce solutions
  • Recruitment and retention of talented employee
  • Effectiveness and performance management
  • Anticipating science on present and future human capital needs
  • Hiring enthusiastic workers to match business goals with HR data

HR Outsourcing Specialist

Many HR outsourcing companies outsource your human resource tasks by either hiring any consulting firm or contracting with any external service. That serves as a smart move for a small business typically. Several areas of HR management need proper attention to build a compliant company along with an engaged team. However, there are some advantages and disadvantages to staying aware of when it comes to seeking outside support.

HR Technology and Workforce Solutions Consultant

Lastly, HR technology is the most up-to-date field in HR services providing companies. This field specializes in all the modern tools and systems used in the HR department. Many large ERP modules by SAP, several niche solutions per functional domain, and Oracle or Microsoft get involved in this field. Moreover, the experts in this department use recent cutting-edge technologies to provide extra-ordinary workforce solutions like:

  • Automated scheduling
  • Data security issues
  • Timekeeping systems
  • HR information systems
  • B\Vendor software selection
  • Latest trends in technologies
  • Effective practices
  • Legal and regulatory compliances