10 Great Augmented Reality Apps You Must Try On IPhone

Ever since Apple released great new updates at the annual WWDC, the most impressive feature with the new iOS 11 was augmented reality apps by Apple’s ARKit.  The framework provides developer the chance to create augmented reality enabled apps and experiences for the iPhone users and some of them are shared on iPhone app development. It has grown enormously over the past years, providing all-new exclusive features and upgrades to enhance the user experience. Let’s take a look at some great augmented reality apps you’ll definitely want to try immediately.

  • InkHunter

InkHunter is a really cool app that lets you try tattoo on your body without getting it permanently. It allows you to check how the tattoo looks on your part of the body if you want for the rest of your life. It has a wide range of body art tattoos which you can customize according to your requirement. This app has been the top recommended app of 2017 due to its crazy interface. To check it, you need to draw a small tattoo on your body part wherever you want the tattoo and point your camera and there you have it.

  • Ikea Place

Ikea is an incredibly fun app to use. The app lets you try out wide range of IKEA products to see how they will look in your home before you purchase them. You can visualize the furniture in your home and see if you like the placement or not. Rather than wondering how the sofa set will look in your living room and if it will fit perfectly in your space, you can see it through a perfect 3D version via augmented reality. Hundreds of products are available at IKEA that you can try out and play an interior decorator.

  • Holo

Holo is quite simple augmented reality enabled app which lets you create your own hologram in reality. You can make a hologram to add photos or videos and use animated characters or celebrities. This is the first app which has been launched by leading iPhone app development California that allows you to move around 3D holograms of people and socialize with them as if they’re real by providing all-new way to communicate with AR.

  • Quiver

Quiver is the best 3D app developed for the kids. The app can modernize their coloring pages to 3D characters in your phone camera. Kids can color their favorite character or image on their phone or tablet and even get them print out to gift them to the family.

  • Measure Kit

MeasureKit is a robust app that includes seven different tools to connect multiple rulers together. The advanced app has replaced the ruler and tape measure. With MeasureKit, you can measure anything easily including distance, size, angles etc. accurately. The augmented reality proves useful for the users to measure anything anytime with mobile device.

  • Fitness AR

Fitness AR is an app that keeps a regular update on your health fitness. The app gives complete metrics to the athletes to analyze their performance work out. The Fitness app creates a 3D map of their routes they have logged in the app that’s viewable from certain points. You can virtually explore and take a tour around the destinations you want to.

Moreover, Pokémon go is one example of fitness app which provides you a path to follow to complete a mission. The idea is to see how fast you can run and make your high score. You can even compete with your friends.

In conclusion

Augmented reality apps are a great innovation and advancement in our lives today. It’s making our lives easier and exciting in numerous ways that no one has ever thought of. Apple has provided a vast collection of augmented reality build in apps that have advanced the user experience. The above mentioned apps are great apps and definitely worth trying.

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