Laptops and Their Increasing Craze

Laptop is a personal computer which can be taken along anywhere.Like the desktop it also has keyboard, pointing device and speakers all embeded in a single unit.It has a battery which charges through electricity using an AC adopter. The battery is rechargaeble and has a life of 10 to 12 hours.Laptops are also called note book,ulterbook,note book computer and net book.


FULL SIZE LAPTOP – The biggest size of laptop is called the full size laptop.It also has a keyboard.

NET BOOK – Net book is small and light weight.You can also called it a portable laptop. It is cheaper than the full size laptop but has lesser storage capcity and functions than a full size laptop.Net books are economical and energy efficient.Net books are very thin in size.

TABLET PC – Tablet PC has a touch screen.It is of two types –

  1. CONVERTIBLE TABLET – It has full size keyboard and its screen can rotate on the keyboard.
  2. HYBRID TABLET – In the hybrid tablet the screen can be detached from the key board.

ULTRA MOBILE PC – ultra mobile PC is a small version of the pen computer.they are used like the note book or net book.

HANDHELD PC – They are smallest size of computer.They are also called palm computers.

RUGGED LAPTOP – Rugged laptops are used in tough condition like mechanical shocks, extream temprature, wet and dusty enviroment.Rugged laptops are heavy, bulky and expensive in coperison to regular laptops.It has arubber beneath the keyboard, passive cooling and super bright display which can be easily read in daylight.Its frame is made of magnesium alloy which are much stonger than plastic.rugged laptops are genrally used for public safty. They are used by police, fire fighters, medical emergency and millatry, feild service technicians, construction, mining and all oil drilling personnel.They are genrally purchased by organisation and are rearlly availeble in the open market.

ULTRA BOOK – It is a thinnest laptop available. Its thickness is less than 1 inch. Ultra book has solid state drives while normal laptop has hard disc drives.

COMPARISON BETWEEN DESKTOP AND LAPTOP – The first feature in laptop is its portability. A laptop is smaller in size than the desktop.Because of its portability laptops are can be used in many places. Apart from homes they are being used in offices, fieldwork, lecture halls, libraries and at the client location also.

Because of its small size compare to the desktop it reduces the space required so in places where space is a constraint laptops have replace the desktop. There are fewer problems in connectivity as it works on WI – FI wireless network .It is supported by cellular broadband.

In comparison to the desktop the power consumption of a laptop is quite less. A typical laptop uses about 20 – 90w electricity where as a desktop uses 100 – 800w electricity in the same time.

Because of chargable battry laptop is not affected by blackouts or short power interruptions where as in a desktop we need to use a UPS to save it from blackouts and shortpower interruption.