11 Necessary Functions of an SEO Agency

A lot of people get less from the SEO agencies they hire because they do not know what they are responsible for. Generally, the duty of your SEO agency London largely depends on the scope of the contract. However, on an average day, an SEO agency should help you with the following:

  1. Seeing things from the SEO point of view

Unless you have carefully gone through your contract with an SEO agency, you should know that the agency owes you and SEO point of view for any question you ask or any task you want them to do for you. Though it may take some time for the personnel to formulate a written response if the issue was a complex one, they should not just avoid the question. This means that they should not wait to have a formal meeting before giving you short answers.

  1. Providing current updates

For every algorithm update, your SEO Company should alert you. You deserve to know the new search results feature, when it is released, and how you can take advantage of it. Also, you should know when a voice search becomes viable.

  1. An emergency responder

Working with an SEO agency should be like in adding a new unit to your business. If anything happens, like you are in a crisis and have to put on hold to your business; it is demanded that your SEO agency should do the same. This includes considering your deadlines for the current assignments.

  1. Setting SEO goals and strategy

For you, it may be difficult to pinpoint what is realistic when setting goals for your growing business. But if you have paid an SEO agency, they should help you with the methodology to set reasonable and strong goals. Depending on this goal, the planned improvement, natural search performance, and the state of your site, the agency should help you prepare a strategy for the coming year.

  1. Keyword theme research

Like you know, keyword research is fundamental when it comes to making your pages rank. But many people find trouble when trying to understand the most relevant keywords to use. The SEO agency should help you determine the theme of your content for it to send signals to the search engines when queries are made. Your SEO agency will help you do the research and inform you of other action item prioritisation, company’s content strategy, and risk assessment.

  1. Report on performance

It doesn’t matter the level of closeness you have with your agency; you deserve a monthly report on what has been recommended and implemented, the impacts of the recommendation, and their plans for the coming month. This gives you an excellent report to place before the management and shows the progress of the business. It also helps in providing a timeline of activities.

  1. Content strategy recommendations

Though your SEO agency may not be responsible for creating new content for your site, they will have the best ideas to offer when it comes to content strategy. Looking at the fact that content strategy has a significant impact on the natural performance of your content when searches are done, you need a professional point of view. From time to time, the agency personnel should give you new content ideas based on natural site visitors, site architecture, and search trends. The agency should also provide opinions on how you should design and develop the content so that it will be easy and most beneficial for natural search performance.

  1. Individual page optimisation

This has to do with your SEO agency optimising all the pages of your content. However, it is not every page that must be placed on the same preference while optimising. The company needs to do more on individual pages that will generate more revenue for the business than the others. However, it doesn’t just end with the respective pages. The SEO will be more effective if it is done on scalable contents like programmatically optimising your title tags. So, your SEO agency has to recommend automation first if you must get faster results.

  1. Regular auditing of the site

The search engine changes, so do the site. You deserve to have an agency that will update your site quarterly to evaluate the changes and address what is going wrong. From the results of this audit, the agency will plan and make activities and deliverables that will advance your SEO program.

  1. Webmaster tools monitoring

From Bing Webmaster Tools to Google Search Console, you can fetch a lot of information about your site, including the cross statistics, impression, organic traffic, and rankings. Your agency has to monitor this regularly. Your agency should also investigate and report to you when messages are sent from one engine to the other with the webmaster tools.

  1. Technical support

Your SEO agency must investigate and resolve technical issues that adversely affect the relevant, index, crawling, and authority of your website. Immediately it happens, and they find the problem, they should report it to you alongside the proposed solution. Though your agency may not be able to fix coding and technical issues, they have to work with developers that know how to solve them and produce the desired outcome. When the solution is ready, they should test and fix it before and after launching.

Bottom line

There are many other benefits you can obtain from an SEO agency. Your luck lies in getting a reliable one. Are you seeking for an affordable SEO London company you can trust? DubSEO is here for you.