2 Surefire Ways to Attract Millennials with your Product Packaging

If truth be told, millennials or Generation Y is the demographic cohort that falls in the new era of mankind and there are several reasons to believe so. Thanks to constant technological advancements, millennials have infinite resources at their disposal. From instant access to media, information, video, and images show that they find nearly anything over the internet without having to leave their abode. This has greatly changed the way the retail industry used to operate because an average millennial spends at least an hour shopping online every day.

What does this mean? This means, people belong to the Gen Y group not only shop more frequently, but they also have comparative abilities since they can access most stores at the touch of a button. So how packaging companies see this? Well, packaging still plays a key role in this digital age because quality packaging increases product value, be it electronics, consumer goods or beauty products such as soaps. If you want to know how packaging affects consumer behavior, you can check this infographic from Bagitan Packaging company.

Here is how quality custom soap boxes are influencing millennials’ buying intentions.

Unboxing Videos are Driving Online Sales

Sure, a lot of products that are displayed online rarely showcases packaging with them, but when it comes to subscription box programs, you heavily rely on packaging presentation to boost product value. Plus, the ever-increasing popularity of unboxing videos and social media influencers have made it more important for brands to ship their products in elegant packages. The idea behind these videos is to show potential customers how a product arrives in the mail and what packaging materials are used. This elevates the buyers’ experience when they get to receive and open their newly purchased products.

Many millennials, therefore, claim that watching unboxing videos evokes the same feelings they had on Christmas Day while opening the presents. That said, a quick glance at the comments under unboxing videos will reveal to you there is no shortage of criticism and negativity from overly harsh detractors and trolls. This bounds both manufacturers and packaging companies to produce high-quality packaging for products. Else, they should be ready to face the music. The worst part is when you offer a cheap packaging solution to your customers, not only it tarnishes your brand image, but customers also lose trust in your brand.

Products Sold on Retails Racks should Stand Out

Retail product packaging, on the other hand, will never lose its charm because products that are sold in brick and mortar stores need to create a greater shelf impact. If not, they fail to jump off the retail shelves. Since millennials can instantly access all sorts of data and information, they generally know which products are available online and which ones are sold offline or in stores.

Unless you have something special to offer, your product sales won’t soar, especially if your packages are below par. In the west, boxes and containers that are carved out of eco-friendly materials are highly appreciated by the customers as more and more people are looking to reduce their carbon footprint by reducing packaging waste.

Take eco-friendly custom soap boxes, for instance. These solid soap bar containers are made out of greener packaging materials that are not only affordable but widely available. These custom printed soap boxes allow you to hit two birds with one stone: Grow your sales and customers.

Concluding Thoughts 

Whether purchases are made online or in a physical store, one cannot discard the role of packaging in boosting the customer experience. For example, low-priced items can get away with minimal packaging, but a high-end product encased in poor packaging could never impress Gen Y customers. You must use an adequate packaging solution to encase your products, especially if you have a high-quality product at hand.