25 Curiosities That All Fandroid Should Know

Do you know Android? Probably yes, but for those who have little time with us or want to learn more about Android, we bring you an ideal article. 25 Android trivia, details, tricks and stories that all fandroid should know.

Android is a system that has evolved a lot over the years and as usual, there are thousands of stories behind that are little known. We will try to offer you a selection of unknown Android curiosities for the general public, we hope that after reading the entire list you will know something more about Android and you can feel part of all this. There they go.

#1 KitKat is the favorite Chocolate of Hiroshi Lockheimer, current chief engineer of Android

Android 4.4 KitKat surprised everyone because it was not just any candy, it was a registered name. What is little known is that Nestle had nothing to do with it. Hiroshi Lockheimer, the current Chief Engineer of Android, is a fan and in love with the KitKat and therefore they proposed the name to Nestlé. They accepted surprised.

#2 The original Android mascot was very different

The story of Dandroid. Back in 2007, Andy, the Android mascot did not exist. Dan Morrill, one of the creative engineers decided to open Inkscape and created these things that for a time were used to refer to Android. So much so that even in some easter egg was remembered.

#3 Scandal numbers: More than 1000 different Android manufacturers and more than 1400 million users

A hugely extended operating system. The data Android is impressive:  1,294 Android manufacturers have introduced the system. It has a market share of 82.4% with 1400 million active users. The total of devices? More than 24,000 million, a mountain of Androids in every rule.

#4 The meaning of the X of the Nexus 5X and the P of the Nexus 6P

Do you know why the Nexus 5X ends in X and the Nexus 6P ends in P? What does that termination mean? According to Hiroshi Lockheimer, the X comes from Nexus and the P comes from Premium. In short, we want a Nexus 5P now!

#5 The meaning of the S of the Galaxy range

What about the S of the mythical Galaxy range? In a 2011 press release, Samsung unveiled the origin of its ranges. The S of the Galaxy S comes from “Super Smart”, the Y comes from Young, the R from Royal and the M from Magical.

#6 Google knows where you were at every moment and you can see it

Surprise when it is checked for the first time. From the location history of Google Maps, we can know with almost terrifying precision, where we have been at any moment, on any day. A map of our lives in the hands of Google.

#7 The first Android already incorporated Gmail, Calendar, Maps, and Youtube

The first Android was not a Nexus. It was the mythical HTC Dream. And the best thing is that it already came with Gmail, Google Calendar, YouTube and Google Maps. Yes, the first Android phone already had all this and more, mythical applications that have accompanied us since the first day.

#8 The first version of Android was not tactile nor had sweet name

However, Android is from much earlier. The first versions did not have a dessert name. Do you know how they were called Android 1.0 and 1.1? The code name was Astro Boy and Petit Four. In addition, how we see in Ars Technica, the first pre-iPhone beta versions were not even tactile.

#9 You can have several accounts even if the application does not allow it

One of the most common problems of Android is that we can not have two different accounts at once, for example in WhatsApp. Fortunately, there is a series of not very well known applications that allow us to have a multi-account. Perfect to squeeze the phone to the fullest.

#10 Each Android version has a hidden secret

The story of Easter eggs or Easter eggs on Android is long and fun. Each version comes with a different one, from the days of Gingerbread and its zombies to Ice Cream Sandwich and its flying androids. If you want to check it you should go to Settings> Phone information and press repeatedly on the version number.

#11 Android has a specially designed font

Do you know that the Android source is special? Yes, it is not just any letter. The current one is called Roboto and is designed to take full advantage of the resolution of the screens. The old one was called Droid and it has been used since version 1.0.

#12 At Nokia, they thought that Android was not a threat

We are all visionaries. The truth is that nobody could anticipate the huge success that Android has had. But of course, there are some statements that years later hurt. “We are the ones who have real mobile phones, firm platforms built over the years. Android does not seem like a threat to us. “Do you know who said it? Nokia, a manufacturer that had to be finally bought by Microsoft. But wait, because the creators of Windows also underestimated Android, which they said would have no impact.

#13 Sony does not want to do any Nexus but loves Android TV

If there is a manufacturer that has not yet built any Nexus and we do not know very well why that is Sony. We want an Xperia Nexus. The Japanese company has denied by active and passive that they are going to do one, however, they are firm defenders of Android and in fact, the big current manufacturer that bet on Android TV, where they have the best TV.

#14 There are Android Wear watches from Casio

Android Wear is the operating system for watches, but few imagined that a manufacturer like Casio would one day make one. A Casio watch with Android, never seen before. A pleasant surprise and a curiosity for this list.

#15 Android is open source, but there are even freer Android-based options

Android is open source, but unfortunately, almost all versions add some application that is not free. Little known is Replicant, a version of AOSP with 100% free add-ons. Unfortunately, it does not have enough strength and its development is very little by little.

#16 We can place our personalized photo even if we do not have a Google+ account

A little trick that not everyone knows. Google+ is the social network, but it is not necessary to take advantage of Android. Do you know the avatar that appears in the corner of the quick settings panel? Well, you can easily put your photo, here we explain how.

#17 Android smartphones have come very far … to space thanks to NASA

How far has Android come? Well, the truth is that very far away, even from Earth. An Android device (a Nexus S) was used by NASA in the HET project.

#18 Andy Rubin did not think about mobile when he created Android

At a conference in Tokyo, Andy Rubin, creator of Android, acknowledged that he did not think about smartphones when he came up with our system. In principle it was for smart cameras, the idea to connect photos and the computer. The problem? Well, the sale of cameras has greatly decreased. Another curiosity is that currently he is dedicated to investing in robotic startups, his real passion. And Android is not called by chance.

#19 Android is not Linux

Many times it is commented that Android is based on Linux. But this statement led to lengthy debates to such an extent that Patrick Brady, one of Google’s engineers, had to affirm that “Android is not Linux”. All for some struggles over the Linux kernel that have continued for years.

#20 You can find your phone by ringing it even if it’s muted

Imagine losing your phone and casually you had it in silence. How do you find it? The trick of the loss does not work. Fortunately, Google has a tool called Android Device Manager that will allow us to make it sound even if it is silenced, a trick that we already talked about and we think is essential.

#21 Microsoft makes money with every Android sold

The royalties Microsoft have been declining over the years, but the truth is that it is little known that Microsoft earns between $ 1 and $ 5 for every Android sold by an issue of patents and copyrights.

#22 Huawei started with $ 2000 capital and already sells more than 100 million devices

Huawei has become over time one of the largest Android manufacturers. It started as a company with an initial capital of only $ 2000 but has grown so much that it already sells more than 100 million devices every year. A brutal change that shows how Android can help a company grow.

#23 Android tablets took 3 years to overcome the iPad in sales

The iPad was a breakthrough device. Nobody expected the concept of a tablet, a kind of computer without a keyboard with an operating system equivalent to that of mobile phones. Android did not take long to get on the bandwagon, but the truth is that it took 3 years to exceed in sales to the iPad. It was in the second quarter of 2013 where 51% of tablets sold were Android, three years after April 2010 when it was introduced.

#24 There are all kinds of Android devices, from printers to refrigerators

Android is not only mobile. Our system is found in all kinds of devices such as the Samsung Smart multifunction printers or the Haier Android refrigerator and FullHD screen.

#25 Manufacturers are required to pre-install the vast majority of Google Apps even if they are not interested

Google is accused by the European Union for forcing manufacturers to pre-install their applications. Many manufacturers, in fact, would not want to install for example Hangouts or Google Photos, only Google Play. But the search does not allow it if you want one you must install all of them. In fact, as it was leaked, there are some clauses like that should be in a folder on the first screen of the desktop. A pity that Google is not as open as Android may need.

Author Bio: Jayapal, an engineering student who made blogging as a career and turned it has a passion. Being a hyperactive guy, he always struggles in exploring Tech Stuff. Now, he is working at Vinstechs as chief editor and contributing 10+ Blogs.