3 Friendly Reminders for Driving Safely at Night

When you hold the steering wheel, you hold great power. With your feet on the pedals, you step into accountability.

Driving safely is NOT optional. It is strictly a MUST. Being on the road is being close to hazardous risks. As you know, even just by looking at the road itself, it is a tough place to be in. There are countless vehicles and pedestrians that fill all the roads in the world 24/7. Bustling cities are incomplete without their attendance and their noise.

During the daytime, you can witness all these happenings and more, both the expected and the unexpected. As a driver, you distinctly experience daily how crowded roads are. Swift wheels and honking horns occupy them. People crossing roads and streets cannot be left out. You share those highways with innumerable individuals. Sometimes, the traffic is light, but frequently, it’s hard to bear. All these scenarios are clearly caught by your eye even with a million blinks.

On the other hand, when it’s night time, driving is comparably MORE challenging. The most obvious reason is the lessened visibility and clarity of the surroundings. Without a doubt, the dark cloudy skies in the evening got no match against the bright sunny skies in the morning. When it comes to efficient lighting for driving, evenings are not very favorable. There are many blind spots that become trickier, thus, perilous at night. Furthermore, some cars are moving faster because they want to reach their destinations earlier than the evening rush hour. Unfortunately, because of all these, loads of road accidents often happen at this time of day.

When you are a driver, being irresponsible is the worst kind you could be! That equates to a lot of negativity and recklessness. You should always keep in mind that driving properly is your obligation. It is crucial to keep your life and the lives of your passengers and all the other living creatures on the road reassured and out of danger.

Sometimes, even when you already know what’s right, you forget or underestimate its importance. Now, this list is here to remind you how to ensure safe driving at night! Don’t even miss the chance to get informed and enlightened! Also, forget not to share this to your fellow drivers to make them aware and heedful as well.


You can survive the darkness with the reign of light. Let lights guide you.

The lights of your car are created and designed to be used. If you are not going to utilize them as you should, you are wasting them, and you are letting danger come and get you.

The headlights are mainly the ones that allow drivers to see the routes they are taking. With these, you are notifying other motorists, drivers and pedestrians of your presence. They can necessarily give way or carefully take sidewalks because you signalled them to be mindful. Especially in two-way highways, you cannot use the high beams if not needed because they can blind drivers of incoming vehicles, causing them to lose their view and focus on their pathway. Use low beams instead for a fair light distribution.

Ample distance between vehicles is very important. Sometimes, because of ignoring it, collisions and bumps happen. To let the driver behind your car know that you are in front of them and how far frontwards you are situated, use the tail lights.

When driving through a foggy night, of course, turn the fog lights on. When the regular headlights are not enough, these can safely get you through. Encountering a problem or a certain danger on the road? Switch on the hazard lights, so that the vehicles around you will be alerted in case you need help, need to go ahead of them or want them to pass you by. These are to be used during emergencies, but still, don’t drive brainless; you cannot assume that all vehicles will immediately make way, especially if they are not instantly aware.

As much as you have to dutifully utilize signal lights during daytime, you have to activate them at night time. Every time you will transfer lanes or turn to any direction, use these. These are signifiers of the move you are about to take, so other drivers can adjust and beware.

Using your lights properly will keep you and other people on the road alive and well. As soon as it gets dark outside, start them up! They give you and other drivers the distinguishability needed on the evening roads.


Since your eyesight’s clarity is not to be fully trusted at night time, you should not speed up too much. This is most critically to be remembered when you are traveling in and to unfamiliar places. You don’t really know what could surprise you, so don’t be overbold.

Many teenage drivers get into severe car crashes at night because of driving at a high speed. Drag racing is a leisure for some but is actually one of the most treacherous causes of deaths on the road.

Of course, whatever time it is, you need to smartly set your speed on the road, however, the night time is extra risky and uncertain. Make sure you drive at a cautious speed. Don’t be overconfident. There could be slippery surfaces and road constructions which are not easily noticeable in dark areas, and just the right speed will allow you to step on the brakes ahead of time.


There are instances when traffic enforcers are not around at night time. This is when some drivers bite into the temptation of violating rules, however, always bear in mind that traffic regulations are there not for decoration but for order and safety.

Follow and obey road directives and rulings even when nobody’s watching. Just because there’s no pedestrian crossing the road and no vehicle coming from the intersection, it does not mean you can just speed up though the stoplight is red. All the line markings are still to be observed. The lanes should be respected. The road signages are always to be minded. One-way streets still require one-way passing. Your honesty and nature will be genuinely proven when no authority is around.

Moreover, complying with road guidelines is for your utmost protection. What if a bicycle suddenly pops out of nowhere, and you didn’t notice? What if a dog crosses at the same time you decided to beat the red light? What if you JUST THOUGHT that there isn’t a car swifting through the intersection, so you dare cross it without looking? If you are senseless, you will reap the menacing effects of the law-breaking decisions you make; if not with a traffic violation, it’s with a life wreck.


You cannot be very complacent while driving regardless if it’s morning or evening. Road mishaps can sometimes be unpredictable. Letting your guard down will bring you to harm. Drive properly and responsibly. You must always remember to stay alert and be ready for whatever may (literally) come your way.

Make sure that your doubled safety while driving at daytime is tripled for the dark of night. Evening drives can be refreshing and thrilling, especially when the road is spacious, but don’t be too comfortable and excited. Always prioritize safety. Safeguard lives. Drive with care.


Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.