6 Creative Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an occasion that doesn’t require you to buy your mother expensive gifts, but gifts of love, tokens of soft reverence and quiet ‘thankyous’ that are absolute musts. However, this day is celebrated across the world by offering gifts and flowers to mothers and treating them specially. Find here 6 creative ideas for celebrating Mother’s Day with gifts from online and offline gift shops.

Mothers and Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mothers of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. On most days, a mother is probably like a best friend to her child, be the only one in their life, who will patiently listen to all their problems and offer them solutions and unfailing support always.

6 Creative Ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day

  1. Family get-together Picnic/Barbecue

Plan a family get-together like a fun picnic or a barbecue night with lots and lots of either home-cooked or catered food. Order a beautiful cake for your mother (and aunts, if you’re having them over for the party) and have an overall great time with your family.

  1. Organize a Karaoke Night

You could plan a karaoke night, inviting all your mother’s friends and have them swinging and competing against each other for the Mother’s Day Karaoke champions crown. This is a fun activity that you could try out for the day, as for some time your mother (as well as the other ladies) will feel like they’re young again.

  1. Organize a Treasure Hunt

Usually a Treasure Hunt is a game played by children, but let the mothers have some fun on their day, by organizing one where all the mothers at your party must take part. Scavenger hunts are always a great activity that will let your guests interact with each other. Send everyone on a search for small Mother’s Day gifts such as flowers, chocolate, bath bombs or candles etc.

  1. Shopping Expedition

Take your mother out for a day of shopping. The options are pretty much endless, clothes, home décor, furniture, cosmetics, antique and vintage things, flea market, a crafts bazaar etc. Let your mother take the lead her and you will not be sorry about this decision.

  1. Bookstore surfing

If your mother is an avid reader and loves a good read just as much as you do, you can both go along for a bookstore surf session on Mother’s Day that always falls on a Sunday. Buying books can be fun in their own way as you can bond while spending all that time in the bookshop.

  1. Handicraft workshop

Take your mother along with you for a handicraft/pottery/painting workshop which will do wonders to your relationship. Your mother will appreciate this gift as along with you spending the time with her, she is getting to learn something new and exciting.

Along with these 6 creative ways to celebrate this day with your mom, you will also be able to give her wonderful Mother’s Day gifts from online as well as offline sources.