The best wedding giveaways for an Indian wedding

Well, there’s a tradition to give something at the end of a wedding after you have received all your gifts. And this tradition is present at all weddings whether that is an Indian wedding or a Western one. Today I have brought for all the bride’s and groom the giveaways for their weddings that people will not forget. To keep it sorted I have divided the gifts into three subheadings – eatables, centerpieces, and Packed giveaways.

1) Eatables

a) Cake it up

Who doesn’t love a cake, the best wedding giveaway could be a cake. You can ask your friends and accordingly give them a cake for their favorite flavor. But this cake will be incomplete of served without some fresh flowers.

b) Cookie Jars

Most people nowadays love cookies. Of course traditionally you can giveaways sweets like Kaju katli, Motichoor Ladoos and a lot more, but everyone gives them. And most of the couples want to do something different and that can include many things such as – A Cookie Jar. You can bake or buy them in bulk by ordering from various bakeries. Fill them up in glass jars. P.S. for a more personalized touch you can put your initials and wedding date or address the jars with – “Giveaway by Mr. and Mrs. Sharma. Thank you for coming.” But this will still need to have something extra, after all most of us plan on getting married only once, online cake delivery in Bangalore or any other city where your guests are residing can be sent and you can easily do it after your wedding is over.

And to add more to cookies you can make sandwiches out of those same cookies. Which will help you create a different impression on your guests making them feel special and the fact that you actually care for them?

c) Donuts

Donuts are a common fast food in India and are available in almost all bakeries. You can pack these Donuts of different flavors each for one family to carry home. This way you will do a sweet gesture and also made a difference in your wedding. You can buy them in bulk or ask a bakery to bake them for you in bulk. But this giveaway will be incomplete as you also need to add same-day flower delivery in mumbai or any other city where you are getting married or are shifting too. After all, the flowers are a great way to thank people for being a part of your celebration.

2) Packed Giveaway 

One of the best Giveaways for your family members and friends is to pack a lot many gifts together, fix them in a basket and add a tag addressed to your friends and family, and it’s ready to go. Now comes the question what to add to the giveaway basket – it can be a mixture of Chocolates, Donuts, cookies, biscuits, sugar candy, marshmallows, tie and jewellery, candles and arti-facts, a thankyou greeting card.

3) Centerpieces

Who doesn’t love a beautiful centerpiece on their table. Something that they’ll remember forever. For a more personalized touch, again on the giveaways you can add stickers stating your date of marriage. Now what you can gift guests as a giveaway includes Flower Vase, Lanterns, and Candles.

a) Flower vase

Earthen flower vases are very easily available in the market or if you want to buy a lot then, there’s always Delhi crockery market for cheaper, but quality vases. These flower vases would always remind you loved ones and friends how much you love them and care about them. This flower vase could also be accompanied by fresh flowers from online delivery services in the city to make it a combination.

b) Lanterns

Lanterns are becoming really famous nowadays weddings. And giving away a lantern with a candle inside it would leave a different impression on your guests. These Lanterns can again be bought in bulk and can be packed in advance. With your wedding tag message. This is a beautiful and innovative idea.

c) Candles

In modern times who doesn’t love candles. You can buy wax in bulk or contact a vendor to make them in bulk for you. Otherwise in Delhi and Mumbai there are special markets dedicated to Candles. To add a personal touch you can add a ribbon flower or a sticker. P.S. If you really want to impress your guests then you can give them printed candles.