A Gastronomic Experience in Shimla: Sunnymead Bed and Breakfast

Overview of Sunnymead

Sunnymead, without a doubt, is a rare Shimla property which is sadly saturated by hordes of rowdy tourist resorts and running hotels these days. A long-lasting rest from outside is walking down the hill into the guest house, welcoming the hosts Madhavi and her pets.

Sweet and curious Madhavi is just as much a gem as Sunnymead and a major element in making a stay so unique. Madhavi is someone with whom you immediately feel comfortable and you chat like an old friend before long. The conversation is diverse, smart, and amusing.

Madhavi originally moved from Delhi to Shimla for bed & breakfast, after the property was restored in 2011. The house that has its quirks is also a perfect fit. It leans, as she said to me. But in the delicate interiors, I didn’t realize that I was too absorbed. There were family treasures everywhere I looked, and they were mixed beautifully with modern touches.

Since Sunnymead is full of valuable items, this is a place refined animal-loving guests will enjoy. It is definitely not suitable for families of boisterous and fussy kids — in particular because there is not a television in their bedrooms, but a lot of books. The pets of Madhavi have a number of cats and three great dogs (also called quirky). They are among the friendliest dogs I’ve ever met with a lot of affection for those who want them. The garden surrounding it is also packed with wildlife and rare birds.

How to Get There

Sunnymead is located on the outskirts of Shimla, in the city of Himachal Pradesh. The toy train from Kalka, near Chandigarh is a popular way to Shimla. Shimla’s other way around Chandigarh (where a major airport is located) is a three to four-hour drive, depending on the traffic. Taxi rates are approximately 3,000 rupees.

When to Go

The Summer of the Natives is peak season in May and June. From July to September, Monsoon Season runs. After the rain, October and November are the perfect months for a quiet time, even if school holidays in Diwali are avoided. In December, winter begins to bring cold weather and snowfall. By April the weather starts to warm up, and during April and May, the garden is in full bloom.

Sunnymead Accommodations

There are 2 floors of Sunnymead, with the entire top floor of the guest housing. Four bedrooms all have private bathrooms. There are 4. There are a shared balcony in three of the bedrooms-a twin and a double-two twin. The other room is a large single room at the end of the house separately. It has a large windows opening a sunny alcove.

Like the rest of the house, the bedrooms have a classical and contemporary style. Think of old wooden furnishings, open fireplaces, towels of Fab India and broken sheet coverings in bright colours.

The highlight of the main room I stayed in is a four-poster bed, made of solid wood. There are steps to it and a soft mattress to sink into. I have been pleased to find everything from Cat in the Hat, to Outlook Traveler, the huge collection of books is eclectic.

I was fortunate to be vacant in neighboring guest rooms during the week and I had my own balcony. I could have spent days there easy, sat and read, and heard the birdsong.

It is clear that the selection of furnishings was very careful and attention paid. However, I was really surprised to hear that I had a cell phone in my room with a local SIM. As Madhavi told me that, without roaming charges on their phones, guests may make local calls. She was thinking about it all!

Sunnymead Food

The Sunnymead food is on par with that of an exquisite restaurant is no exaggeration. Madhavi has mastered various cuisine and each dish is brightened by her very talented Chef Madhu.

No menu is fixed. Instead, the foods are made from the fruit and vegetable garden of Sunnymead. Special dietary conditions (such as gluten-free) shall be satisfied so long as a notice of 10 days is given.

I had been pampered with herbal tea and a sumptuous chocolate mouse from the very moment I arrived. While I sat on the front porch drinking the tea and looking into the garden, my soft jasmine smell was surrounded by an attractive aroma of dinner cooking inside. The sensation of comfort and satisfaction was produced.

I’ve had two dinners and two Sunnymead breakfasts (no lunch). Overfishing is inevitable, as both the plentiful body of fresh food and Madhavi ‘s gentle convincing conviction to have a little more can not be resisted.

It’s what I’ve been served in here. My dish was flooding!

Dinner – Traditional Indian

Alo methi (potato and fenugreek), aviyal, coconut beans, sukha chicken, hearty daal (a dry chicken dish), rice, paratha, chutney tomato, mint of the coconut, and chutney of apples (date).

Dinner – Continental

Concentrate soup, home bread of focaccia, beetroot salads, potato and sage mashed, pumpkin roast, broccoli steamed with roasted garlic, mango and sesame green salad, salsa olive-capered tomato fish, and pudding with almond chocolate.


Bread, omelet, chicken sausage, mushroom sausage, tomato, mustard chutney, pancakes, maple syrup, coffee philt,er and mint smoothie. (I admit I’ve been sufficiently decadent to eat some of the chocolate pudding left for breakfast)!