All About The Camera Of Galaxy S9

Samsung, an awesome company, has many competitors like Sony, Apple, and Huawei but with the determined and dexterous deliberating efforts the company always dominated the market and has always a put a smile on their users’ faces by bringing them a smartphone having a unique glorious display appearance and mind-blowing energetic features. Recently Samsung has been launched its special model Galaxy S8 (in April) and Company is planning to launch another hi-class stylish flagship smartphone, likely to be launch next year.


The camera of Samsung has been one of the prettiest features since years. We did many tests with various Samsung’s flagships to know exactly about the picture quality of their smartphones. We have strived to find the differences between the main cameras of S8 and S7, whose technical characteristics are almost based.

We have not had occasion to have the two devices simultaneously to make the same photos, but examining in our database the photos we did with the S7 and those we have done with the S8 our verdict is clear: everything stays practically the same.

The tittle-tattle is also popping out all over the world that the picture quality of the upcoming Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S9 is real, really impressive and buying this S9 smartphone is a smart choice if you want your pic to look super-class and cool.

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Before moving to the upcoming modish Galaxy S9, here we want you to know a little about the results we observed during tests.

We have only noticed some minor variations, as the S8 now dares at night to shoot with a minimum speed of 1/8 instead of 1/10, as was the case with the S7. Perhaps also in some cases, the images captured in low light seem better achieved. What has changed is the front camera. Introducing with the worry-free smartphone Galaxy S9’s camera feature; it is highly anticipated that the forthcoming Galaxy S9 smartphone will be blessed with 16MP Dual-lens back camera with plus bonus of Dual-color Flash and Optical Image Stabilizer. When it comes to the front camera, Samsung Galaxy S9 is like a jewel in the crown offering you 8MP front camcorder; not only this, the smartphone offers you different kinds of splendid modes and effects to decorate your pic on a more grand level.

Another conclusion we had made after observing the camera of S7 and S8 is that the Galaxy S8 performance in night scenes is outstanding; incorporates an eight-megapixel sensor, but also an optical image stabilizer and a lens of the same brightness as the main camera (f / 1.7). Both are ideal for low-quality quality images. Yes, that means that the selfies and the videos in first person nocturnes without resorting to the flash. What does not convince us much of this front camera is its poor ability to reproduce scenes of high contrast? As in the case the portraits made against the light.

According to the Investor’s reports, Galaxy S9 will give you superior, well-done pictures every time, in all conditions – rainy, dusty, and foggy and even at dim-lights or night-time. Hope, Samsung will stick to its promise and won’t disappoint us.