Know More about MailChimp and Why Do You Need It

MailChimp has been quite popular today as a new platform in the modern business world. This new automation platform is designed exclusively for businesses that send email to connect with their target markets. In this post, we would go into more detail about the importance of email marketing and what MailChimp does. We would additionally highlight the unique features of MailChimp to understand why businesses need this email automation platform to meet their email marketing requirements.

Why Do Many Businesses Prefer Email Marketing?

Email marketing is an effective way for businesses to run large-scale and worldwide promotions without burdening their marketing resources. Despite the popularity of social media marketing, at the moment, email is still an effective way to promote your business, attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

Numerous statistics and figures have been proving how email has tremendous marketing potential. In this regard, no business should ever overlook email as a viable means of expanding their customer base, strengthening their brands, and increasing revenue.

Market research has revealed that email marketing offers an average ROI of 122%, which is higher than all other digital marketing channels. Accordingly, over 70% of millennials want to engage with brands via email.

So far, more than half of users surveyed admit that marketing emails influence their purchasing decisions. Even better, about 60% of customers want to join the Commercial Offers mailing list for promotional offers.

From the business perspective, about 80% of companies surveyed admit how email marketing improves customer acquisition and retention.

This statistic highlights the importance of email as a marketing tool. Therefore, any business that wishes to conquer the digital space cannot do this without making the most of email marketing.

What is MailChimp?

MailChimp is basically a comprehensive email marketing platform that meets all your email communication needs with customers, business affiliates, and other stakeholders. Different with other marketing and automation platforms, MailChimp is a web-based tool.

This means you could use it as a website in any web browser without having to download or install heavy software on your device. The best thing we could clip from MailChimp reviews is that it simplifies email marketing with logistical resources such as mailing list management, templates, segmentation, automation, and more.

Why Does Your Business Need MailChimp?

Email marketing itself is more than just sending bulk emails to your target market and waiting for a response. Instead, an effective email marketing campaign contains many elements and stages. Coming with innovative features, MailChimp allows you to set up a well-thought email marketing plan with higher ROI. Below are some amazing MailChimp features you could expect to get.

  • Accurate analytics

MailChimp provides accurate analytics to let you view how you are using your email. This is a versatile tool that allows you to manage your mailing lists, create your own email templates. MailChimp marketing CRM would also assist your business to automate all your marketing campaigns.

  • Different theme for every purpose and situation

MailChimp offers themes for every purpose and situation. You could get a variety of ready-made topics for marketing and trading emails on a variety of topics. These topics include events, newsletters, holidays, notifications, and subscription notifications.

All the resources above allow your business to create your own email templates even if you don’t have your own web developers.

  • Easy-to-use web builder

MailChimp provides an efficient WYSIWYG web builder that enables you to design your email campaigns on the front end, even if you have no programming knowledge.

In simple words, businesses that are looking to leverage their email marketing strategies need MailChimp to run their campaigns like a well-established system.

  • Email automation offers a better customer experience

Intelligent and intuitive automation capabilities are one of the main reasons why MailChimp has succeeded as an email marketing platform. You could easily use automation triggers to map the entire customer journey.

Automation capabilities also extend beyond marketing emails. You could also set up automation for transactional emails, Google, Instagram and Facebook ads, postcards, and coupons.

MailChimp Automation is designed to personalize the user experience and meet targeted marketing (business) needs without the need for a full marketer. Whether you are sending users notifications about abandoned carts or offering birthday discounts to customers. Whatever your purpose is, you could simply send relevant emails to the right audience without having to write and send each email separately.

These automation capabilities are perfect especially if your business needs to process a large contact list but has a very limited staff.

  • Helps you develop your templates with your own code

You could easily create your own MailChimp templates from scratch using your own HTML code. Better yet, MailChimp also made it easy to port HTML code into its own builders. All you need to do is paste the code and design.

Or else, you could also import HTML zip files of custom templates or drag them directly from the website to convert them into MailChimp designs.

  • Assists in customer journey builder

The Customer Journey Builder might be one of the most useful additions to MailChimp automation recently. Basically, you could develop an automated email-based sales funnel.

Running a marketing campaign based on this customer journey builder could eventually increase conversion rates and avoid spamming emails to recipients. Far better, customer journey builder is also helpful as a guide for future campaigns.

How Much Will It Cost?

Monthly MailChimp pricing is varied according to the size of the “target” (the size of the list). However, each plan has limits on the number of different “targets” you could have, along with a monthly email sending limit.

Mailchimp platform offers a free plan with up to two thousand contacts along with 10 thousand emails (with ads) monthly. The basic plans for this platform start at $9.99 monthly for five hundred contacts along with 500,000 emails. Meanwhile the standard plan adds improved automation starting at $14.99 monthly. And for the premium plan, Mailchimp email marketing platform offers access to all scopes starting at $299 monthly.

Is There Any Free MailChimp Demo?

Recently MailChimp has introduced the Allinon Marketing Platform to help businesses connect with their audience. In this MailChimp demo, you could learn about the latest features and learn how to build a user-friendly, audience-focused platform to market your business more effectively.