Best GPS Phone Tracker App Review 2019

The location tracking applications have been used by parents and employers to keep track of whereabouts of children and employees. While parents use these apps to ensure the security of their kids, the employers take advantage of the tracking app to monitor their travelling workers and restrict them from unproductive activities outside the workstation during the working hours. There are several GPS location tracking apps available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and other websites. We have reviewed the most popular tracking apps and found the best GPS phone tracker app of the year. Read on to know which application is the most reliable and efficient tracker app.

OgyMogy GPS Location Tracker

OgyMogy is one of the most reliable and well-known cell phone tracking apps. It is intended for parents and employers for the supervision of mobile phone activities of children and workforces. Of hundreds of features offered by the tracking app, GPS location tracking is one. It enables users to monitor online, offline and real-life activities of the target by tracking their cell phones.

How Phone Tracker App Works

Once the end-user or purchaser of the tracker app gets the targeted cell phone installed with OgyMogy, they can monitor and control that phone without physical possession. The mobile tracker app lets you monitor and operate that mobile phone via online spy portal. The app gets access to the data stored on the phone and uploads to the online portal. This data also includes GPS location and location history as well as other important data stored on the monitored device. The user can sign into that online account and review the data. The account is also used to send commands to the targeted cell phone.

GPS Location Tracker for Parents

It does not need to mention that how risky the adult world can be for unsupervised children. There are bullies, child predators and sex offenders who are always ready to trap adolescents and exploit them for sexual or monetary purposes. Whether it is the real world or online world, our children are likely to expose to several dangers.

Many parents track their kids to school using the tracking app. It helps them ensure that their loved ones reach the destination safely. OgyMogy offers most advanced ways to keep track of whereabouts of children remaining anywhere in the world. You only need to sign into the online control panel of the spy app and it will show you the current location of your kids.

The location tracker also shows location history of your kids so you can know which places they have visited during a specific time period. While tracking your kids to school, you can see which route they have adopted and how much time they have taken to reach the endpoint.

There is also geo-fencing feature which enables parents to restrict their kids from visiting unsafe locations. If there is an unsafe location on the way to kid’s school, you can mark that location on the online control panel. The spy app will notify you every time your kid passes from that location. The geo-fencing feature of location tracker app lets you mark several locations and informs about your kids’ arrival and departure from those locations.

GPS Location Tracker for Employers

The location tracking app is equally significant for employers as it is for parents. While parents use the app to ensure security of their children, the employers can use the app to monitor and manage the productivity of their workers. The carrier companies track location of their sales, marketing and other traveling workers to keep them from unnecessary activities.

OgyMogy lets you track workers and boost their efficiency by restricting them from unproductive tasks. The carrier companies cannot afford delay in consignment delivery. If you do not monitor your delivery agents, they may fail to deliver the consignment on time. The spy app lets you know that your worker has fulfilled the duty efficiently without wasting any time.

The cell phone tracker app shows you the route picked by your worker. It lets you ensure that he/she is on assigned or most favorable route. You can also manage time by keeping track of time consumed by every worker or a task of same nature. It helps identify productive and unproductive workers.

What Differentiates OgyMogy from Other Tracker Apps

The location tracking apps provide only GPS location of the target which is, sometimes, not as accurate as it should be. OgyMogy do not just provide accurate GPS location but also location history of the target to make you informed of every trip. Also, it offers geo-fencing and surround monitoring to identify the suspicious location. If you are not sure about the location of the target, you can turn on camera of the monitored cell phone to see the surroundings.


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