Auto insurance does not forget your tires

When one chooses the guarantees of his auto insurance contract, he is a subject to which one does not always think: the tires. An oversight that may yet cost you.

That’s it; it’s the big day of departure on vacation! You check one last time that you have not forgotten anything and load the last luggage in the trunk of the car with, by the way, ease worthy of the greatest Tetris players. One last quick glance back and forth! You finally put the gas, decided to take full advantage of these few days of well-deserved rest.

And here is the drama. At the first corner, your right-hand tire rubs lightly against the sidewalk. You stop the car to check that everything is fine, but it is already too late: you have just died. The fault of “no luck” will you say.

This story seems unlikely to you? Think again. This kind of misfortune does not always happen to others. What we want you to understand is that a puncture does not happen and that it can hit anyone. But do not fall into the psychodrama. If the puncture does not anticipate, there are solutions to face it in the best conditions.

The Case of an Already Insured Vehicle

You own a vehicle and have already chosen car insurance. Whatever the level of guarantee you have taken out; your tires are not always covered by your insurer. Even all-risk formulas – supposed to give you maximum protection – do not always offer support for tires. From troubleshooting to changing wheels, the costs of a puncture have enough to leave you with a bitter taste.

To find out if your insurance company pays for punctures, first check the terms of your contract. If this is not the case, find out about the additional coverage’s offered by the insurer. For example, 0 km assistance can be particularly good for offloading most of the costs of troubleshooting.

The Case of a New Vehicle

Are you looking to purchase a  car? This may be an opportunity to take stock of your current car insurance. Does it meet your needs? Is it suitable for your new vehicle? Does it take care of punctures and other tire-related incidents?

To start on a good basis, the simplest is to compare the offers of different insurers to identify the one that best chances your use (urban driving, extra-urban, etc.) and your budget. Have you found the car of your imaginings at a dealer or on a specialized site like Argus? You know what you have left to do! Go for it!

The Case of a Tire Change

Do you have to change the tires of your car? Some professionals may offer insurance for the tires you buy at home. As a general rule, the rates and conditions vary depending on the brand and tire brands. To give you a concrete example, at 1001Pneus, we offer the Zero Pressure guarantee to insure your tires in case of:

Slow or fast puncture;

Bursting of the tire casing;


Acts of vandalism

Of course, this warranty will not replace your usual car insurance: this is an option for you to ride with peace of mind! No more any less.