Axe Throwing- An Amazing Fun Group Sport

For those who are hearing about axe throwing for the first time, axe throwing may not appear to be the safest recreational activities to play in. That’s because it includes the fact that an axe is thrown at a target from a distance. But, axe throwing when done in the right way is an amazing activity around to participate in. In fact, it has gained great popularity across the world these days. Below here are some rules of the games along with some tips to keep you safe while you play the game.

A little history about axe throwing

Though axes and hatches have been in existence since millions of years, to visualise the use of an axe as a recreational activity took time. Usually it began with the soldiers when they would fling the axes forcefully on the battle ground and thus after these American Revolution war, it came into existence as a sport. It was an excursion for fun. In the modern times, axe throwing is very famous in Canada and has a throwing craze in United States.  And, surely it is for everyone.

Play it as a group sport and you will have the best experience of your life!

Some of the rules involved in axe throwing are:

Well, axe throwing is a fun sport and thankfully, there aren’t so many rules involved. Sometimes the gameplay rules differ from one facility to another but the competitive axes throwing rules abide by the rules drafted by WATL or NATF.

Competitors stand in a throwing lane and throw 10 axes per match. The player with the highest number of points after the 10 throws will win the match. Under scenarios of tie, players continue to throw death rounds till one of them emerge as a winner.

Some of the specifications to be kept in mind while playing axe throwing are:

You have a number of specs on throwing dimension and distance of target and axe which are important if the game is being played fair.

  1. Throwing distance: thrower should stand 12 to 15 feet back from the target for a legit throw. There should be a distance of 6 feet between two throwers
  2. Target: the target should be built of 2” by 10” board and should be at least 4 feet tall. The bottom of the target should be 2 feet below the ground.
  3. Axes: the axe should not weigh more than 2 pounds and the blade shouldn’t be larger than 4.75 inches.

One should get the basic training to throw axe before playing the game. It is very easy and quick to learn and you will simply enjoy the experience.

Keeping the safety tips in mind, it is very important to maintain distance between two players. One should also keep the first aid kit handy. The axe should be intact and shouldn’t be overly sharp that it becomes unmanageable.

Apart from the above knowledge, if you want to know more about axe throwing, then read the full axe throwing article.